10 reasons why Gen Z viewers are more inclined towards Financial Independence

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“Whenever I am bored I always find something to do productive on my phone” – Gen Z Viewers

This statement is the most ideal way to characterize Gen Z viewers. Generation Z grew up in a world filled with innovation and technology, so they have a unique set of qualities and preferences. Gen Z are youngsters brought into the world after the 2000s. They want to be free, live in luxury, and fix things how they want. Unlike others, Gen Z viewers are more devoted to financial independence.

In this article, we will look at ten reasons why Gen Z viewers are more inclined toward ‘financial independence’.

1. Technological impact

Gen Z is the first generation to have never known a world without the internet and smartphones. They use digital platforms to connect, learn, and engage with the world, making use of their inherent tech-savvy. Gen Z viewers are constructing their financial futures by utilizing their digital capabilities in everything from e-commerce to the stock market. The stock market has been one of the most important considerations for Gen Z viewers who want to achieve financial independence when discussing smart and technologically advanced ways to earn money.

2. Entrepreneurial mind-set

Generation Z demonstrates an entrepreneurial mind-set in contrast to previous generations, who frequently aspired to secure conventional employment. They are more prone to network marketing, start-ups, and a variety of other businesses because they place a high value on freedom, independence, and self-determination. Besides, while discussing opportunity and freedom, the stock market has the most ideal decision for Gen z viewers regarding embracing self-employment and financial independence.

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3. Flexibility and Work-Life Balance

Flexibility and work-life balance are highly valued by Gen Z viewers. They put their passions and interests equally to financial security. This viewpoint lines up with their mission for independence from the rat race, as it licenses them to make a lifestyle that maintains their targets and objectives. Gen Z viewers are looking for opportunities that provide them with financial security along with the freedom to live life to the fullest, and the chance to freelance, work from home, or start a side business. They recently are more inclined towards the stock market as it is one of the smart and least demanding methods for bringing capital compared to other businesses and keeping a balance between fun and serious activities, as you procure from any place all you want is an internet connection and gadget.

4. Skill enhancement and Financial Freedom

Gen Z viewers effectively work on their skills and abilities with the goal of earning enough and making a living out of it. Generation Z always prefers financial independence. Due to the abundance of information available online, they are equipping themselves with the knowledge and tools necessary to make well-informed decisions to be financially independent.

5. Social Impact and Philanthropy

Gen Z is a socially engaged generation motivated by a desire to improve the world. They can make meaningful contributions to causes they care about and bring about change because they are financially independent. Gen Z viewers see financial independence as a means of making a difference, whether it’s by investing in renewable energy, supporting social justice initiatives, or supporting sustainable businesses.

6. Early Career Planning

Generation Z adopts a proactive approach to career planning. They recognize the significance of laying a firm foundation early on and preparing for long-term success as they understand the value of education for being financially independent. Gen Z viewers are focused on pursuing career paths that align with their goals, acquiring relevant skills, and identifying their passions. Because it gives them more control over their professional lives and ensures their financial stability, financial independence.

7. Increasing Cost of everyday items

Gen Z faces the test of an increasing cost on many everyday items, making financial freedom a need for smooth running. They are motivated to achieve financial independence to safeguard their futures due to inflation. For example, educational, healthcare, and living costs. Gen Z viewers perceive that depending entirely on customary work may not give them the financial security they look for. All things being equal, they explore alternative income streams and investment opportunities to build a solid financial foundation.

8. Financial Stability and Security

Generation Z viewers’ first concern is financial security. They have witnessed the financial difficulties and economic downturns of previous generations. That is why they are motivated to become financially independent to avoid the traps of unpredictable work opportunities and financial vulnerabilities. By enhancing numerous pay sources and contributing carefully, they mean to make a protected network and secure their financial future.

9. Building Wealth for Future Generations

Generation Z viewers recognize the significance of creating opportunities and wealth for future generations. They aim to break the cycle of paycheck-to-paycheck living and establish a strong financial legacy. Gen Z can build wealth, invest wisely, and ensure a brighter future for themselves and their families by achieving financial independence early in life. They always try to plan to have a long-lasting impact and are aware of the power of generational wealth transfer.

10. Access to Resources: Social Media

Social media have a great impact on Gen Z viewers as one click on social media can connect thousands of people from around the globe. It has become a primary source of news and information for Gen Z. The ease of accessing information and staying updated on current events, remote job openings, etc opens up different opportunities for earning. Through platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, they get influenced to work even hardest to attain financial freedom.


This generation stands out from other generations due to their unique ways to achieve financial independence. Due to their desire for flexibility, entrepreneurial mind-set, and technological advancements, Generation Z viewers are taking charge of their financial future. Emphasizing financial education, social impact, and early career planning, they are actively shaping a path toward financial stability and security.

(By Sooraj Singh Gurjar, Founder and MD, Get Together Finance (GTF). Views are personal.)


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