1,000 march for their lives in Zurich under police protection

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The 12th March for Life in Switzerland was festive with live music, testimonies and calls for 24 hours of self-reflection before performing an abortion.

(evangelical focus) About 1,000 participants took part in the Swiss March for Life on Saturday 17th September in the Zurich district of Oerlikon.

The theme “24 hours of life” indicates that a period of one day has been introduced in Switzerland for women wishing to have an abortion to consider alternative ways of terminating their pregnancies. increase.

Tweet this: The theme of the 2022 Swiss March for Life is ’24 hours for life’, demonstrating the commitment to reduce the waiting period for abortion to one day.

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Hundreds of people marched through the streets of Oerlikon with colorful balloons and banners, under heavy police protection (including street police and helicopters watching the event from above), and finally the Market Square where the scenario was set. I arrived at

Evangelical Focus Swiss March for Life 1
The pro-life march peacefully walks through the streets of Zurich Erlikin,
Meanwhile, police officers stopped an unauthorized counter-demonstration by far-left extremists.
Photo: Mule March via Evangelical Focus

music and proof

The song by Swiss-Croatian singer Bernarda Brunovic was one of the highlights of the final. The singer, who was blind from birth, has often recounted how her parents made her life decisions despite doctors recommending she have an abortion.

Dr. Dermot Kearney, a cardiologist who traveled from England, emphasized that human life begins at conception, stating, “This is a scientific and biological fact,” and a doctor who said, “The worth of every human life.” We must stand up for Together with his colleague Dr Eileen Riley, he set up an abortion drug reversal service in the UK for her mother who, after taking abortion pills, quickly regretted it and wanted to save her baby’s life. raised. He said 36 children’s lives have been saved so far.

The event also included messages from representatives of Switzerland’s free church movement, Pray For Switzerland, Protestant and Roman Catholic churches.

Member of Parliament Yvette Esterman has announced ‘Sleep on it once’, an initiative aimed at giving women a day of contemplation before having an abortion.

Tweet this: Around 1,000 people attended the Swiss March for Life in Zurich on September 17th.

Large-scale deployment of police to stop extremists

In Switzerland, where March or Life has come under attack for the past few years, organizations such as the Evangelical Union last week called on everyone to respect free speech.

This year, police had to delay the start of the march to prevent far-left extremist rebels from approaching the pro-life event. Tear gas was used to stop a small group from trying to break the police force. About 150 people were identified during background checks.

Evangelical Focus Swiss March for Life 2
About March for Life 2022 theme
Policies requiring a 24-hour reflection period
women who sought abortions. /Via Evangelical Focus

Editor’s Note:
This article Published by Evangelical Focus and reprinted with permission.


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