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From mudskippers to ’60s pranks, here are some highlights from Reed’s annual learning festival.

January 26, 2023

fencing. Bird of eastern Australia. lock bypass. Heuristic gardening. Hula. Identification of mushrooms. letterbox. burlesque. beekeeping. Neurobiology of Trauma. Argentine Tango. Argentinian slang. Reed geology. knot. How to clean dishes.

That’s just a few of what’s on offer at Reid’s annual learning festival, Paideia, this year. For 10 days, members of the lead community led and participated in classes covering the entire (extracurricular) curriculum range, continuing a tradition that began in 1969. astrology. )

The public relations team accompanied us. Now let’s take a peek at what we’ve learned.

1. To avoid damaging the fountain pen, always untwist before pulling the lid and never turn the cap inside out when writing.

2. When American Protestant missionaries arrived in Hawaii in the 1820s, they denounced hula as pagan and vulgar. In the decades that followed, numerous attempts were made to ban, regulate, and curb the hula, but none of them actually curbed it.

3. The closed, self-sustaining ecosystem of the terrarium can be enriched by adding small colonies of Collembola. These land arthropods feed on organic matter and can leap very high relative to their body size, but not high enough to escape the mossy paradise of a terrarium.

4. The Internet was developed in the context of the Cold War and early research was primarily funded by the Department of Defense.

5. Old Dome Block Sallyport is a virtual copy of Compton Weignerts, an English mansion built in the early 16th century. The gates of the mansion dedicated to Henry VIII, like Sallyport, boast false gables, crenellations, sundials, three side-by-side windows, tracery brickwork and Tudor arches. But Henry VIII’s dragons and greyhounds? In Reid, they’ve been replaced by some griffins (bonus: his one in Lara Croft’s mansion has a similar arch. tomb Raider video games. )

6. Being homosexual was decriminalized in Paris in 1791 as a result of the French Revolution.

7. Letterbox, an orienteering game involving the exchange of stamps, was invented in 1854 by James Perrott, a guide to Dartmoor National Park, who placed cards in bottles by the Cranmare Pool to encourage others to leave their own messages. It started when I was recommended to.

8. Don’t expect meditation to quiet your mind forever. Andrew Mason ’90 His teacher was asked what his mind was like after 60 years of practicing Zen meditation. “But you should have seen it before.”

9. Most people can only hold 5-9 in their short-term memory. Also, the term “UX” was coined by Apple in 1993.

10. Always listen to the entire tape. After retrieving a collection of cassettes from songwriter Robbie Robertson’s storage unit, producer Sheryl Pawelski recorded the raw, powerful vocals and piano of the song “Twilight” at the end of the blank side of the tape. version was found. Pawelsky and Robertson decided to include this version in his 2005 box set anthology of The Band. music historynot the original 1976 release tinged with mass-produced reggae.

11. On the final day of Old Commons in 1965, students had a massive food fight that resulted in 233 violations of honor.

Facts gleaned from the following courses: Gay people that existed before 1969, Hula basics, Pendora’s box, Terrarium building, The secret history of the Internet, Reed College architecture, Letterbox 101, Zen practices Taste, Human-Computer Interaction, and UX, Talking Tunes, 60’s Lead

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