13 movies about stock market that take you to high-stakes games on the trading floor



The shenanigans of capital markets have always amused filmmakers. Over the years, Hollywood has produced many movies narrating the tales of the high-stakes high-adrenaline world of stock markets. These movies have told numerous stories of events and characters – ranging from fictional, to nearly real, to brutally true. Such movies offer different perspectives on the stock market, its players, and the consequences of their actions. Whether through drama, comedy, or documentary-style storytelling, they shed light on the complexities and intrigues of the financial world.

“Wizard of Lies”(2017): It is a captivating film based on a true story that delves into the life of Bernie Madoff, one of the most notorious financial criminals in history. Directed by Barry Levinson, it explores the web of deception, the devastating consequences, and the unraveling of Madoff’s Ponzi scheme, offering a chilling portrayal of greed and betrayal.

“The Big Short” (2015): Based on the true story chronicled in Michael Lewis’ book, this film directed by Adam McKay explores the events leading up to the 2008 financial crisis, as a group of investors bet against the housing market.

The Wolf of Wall Street” (2013): Directed by Martin Scorsese, this film is based on the real-life story of Jordan Belfort, a stockbroker who engages in fraudulent activities and excessive wealth during the 1990s.

“Margin Call” (2011): Set during the 2008 financial crisis, this gripping film directed by J.C. Chandor portrays a fictional investment bank dealing with the impending collapse of the market, delving into the moral dilemmas faced by its employees.

“Inside Job” (2010): A documentary directed by Charles Ferguson, it provides an in-depth analysis of the 2008 financial crisis, uncovering the corruption and conflicts of interest within the financial industry.

“Wall Street Money Never Sleeps”(2010):  is a compelling film that serves as a sequel to the 1iconic “Wall Street.” Directed by Oliver Stone, it explores the world of high finance in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis, depicting the interplay of greed, ambition, and redemption within the cutthroat world of Wall Street.

“Floored” (2009): A documentary directed by James Allen Smith, it explores the lives of futures traders in the Chicago Board of Trade and highlights the challenges they face in the ever-changing financial landscape.

“The Pursuit of Happyness(2006): Inspired by a true story, this uplifting film directed by Gabriele Muccino depicts the struggles of Chris Gardner, a homeless man who becomes a successful stockbroker through sheer determination and hard work.

“Boiler Room” (2000): This drama film, directed by Ben Younger, follows a college dropout who becomes a stockbroker at a shady brokerage firm, showcasing the unethical practices prevalent in the industry.

“Rogue Trader” (1999): Based on the true story of Nick Leeson, this film follows a trader who single-handedly brings down Barings Bank through unauthorized speculative trades, revealing the risks and consequences of unchecked trading activities.

“Barbarians at the Gate”(1993):  is a gripping TV movie based on the true story of the battle for control over RJR Nabisco. With fierce competition between CEO F. Ross Johnson and private equity firm KKR, it explores cutthroat tactics, high-stakes negotiations, and the personal and ethical dilemmas of corporate takeovers.

“Wall Street” (1987): Directed by Oliver Stone, this iconic film explores the high-stakes world of stock trading and features the unforgettable character Gordon Gekko, played by Michael Douglas, who embodies the ruthless pursuit of wealth.

“Trading Places” (1983): This comedy film directed by John Landis revolves around a social experiment where a wealthy investor and a street hustler unknowingly switch lives, highlighting the influence of privilege and insider trading.


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