20 Free Web Design Tools for Summer 2022

20 Free Web Design Tools from Summer 2022


Free resources from the design community can greatly enhance your ecommerce site.

Here’s a list of new web tools and design elements starting Summer 2022. Video editors, analytics tools, gradients, web page builders, usability tools, content creators, free fonts, and more.

All of these tools have free or no-cost plans, but some offer premium versions. The font is free for commercial projects. Always check the terms and conditions of a font before using it.

free design tools

An illustration is an intuitive cloud-based video editing tool that offers over 200 transitions, filters and effects. Add an extra layer of messaging with prerecorded or live narration. Beta models are free for everyone to use. The first 200 sign-ups receive free access to future premium subscriptions.

Illustrated home page

An illustration

tide An analytics platform for Shopify merchants. Get a snapshot of your store’s overview. Receive email reports on key metrics.

Gradation is a free web-based gradient editor with over 100 versions. Generates a color gradient. Create solid color tints and shades in the browser. Save gradients, add new gradients, copy CSS, download PNGs, and more.

Locofi writes production-ready code for mobile apps and the web in the language of your choice. Try Figma with React, React Native, HTML-CSS, Gatsby, Next.js and more. Tag responsive designs, create components, get live prototypes, export or deploy code. Beta version is free.

daft page is a simple website builder for landing pages and simple sites. Create your own layouts with drag and drop, or start quickly from a template. Daftpage’s editor provides an intuitive and powerful interface similar to Notion. Free up to 3 pages.

Daftpage home page

daft page

bobby is a Windows and Mac app that converts and backs up Google Docs to formats that can be used on your local system (desktop, USB, external drive, etc.).

Motility is a free and open source animation editor on the web. It’s a combination of Adobe After Effects and Canva with advanced features like keyframing, masking and filters.

feathery Product teams can create customizable, developer-friendly forms without coding. Build custom designs and component systems using drag-and-drop controls. Add conditional step branches, loops, and multiple entry and exit points. Free up to 5 forms and 250 submissions per month.

art board studio has been transformed from a mockup tool into a comprehensive content creation platform that combines the design of Figma with the motion of After Effects. With vectors, images, audio and video all wrapped up in one, users can combine multiple assets to create dynamic content in the browser. Free for up to 3 projects.

Artboard Studio home page

art board studio

twigs has launched an unmoderated, unlimited-seat test, a browser-based “concept and usability” for the Figma prototype. Templates for test flows. The free option provides 1 shareable link study and 1 concept test.

thread magic Turn entire Twitter threads into carousel-style PDFs to share on social media. Use it to create content and build your presence.

HubSpot CMS has launched a new suite of free content management tools including a theme library, drag and drop editor, cloud hosting, website analytics and more.

Canva Whiteboard is a new collaboration tool for team brainstorming, creating flowcharts, starting mood boards, and more. Communicate in real time. Access graphical elements such as sticky notes, text comments, emojis, timer tools, and more. Basic plan is free.

Canva Whiteboard homepage

Canva Whiteboard

free font

vector line A modern font by Alexandr Reznik. Great for eye-catching displays and available in upper case only.

vector line homepage

vector line

machery It offers classic inspiration with high contrast and smooth transitions to sharp serifs.

Machery's homepage


Taco It is a large and thick, thick and wide display font. It stands out for its approachable and attractive sans-serif typeface.

tacos homepage


hinge is a modern serif typeface suitable for banners, branding and logos.

Hinge homepage


project space It is a futuristic display font of Ver Wave. It includes not only numbers and symbols, but also Latin and Cyrillic characters.

Project space home page

project space

Chinook It’s a throwback to the Italian movie titles of the 70’s and 80’s. Despite its vintage flair, Chinook is adaptable to any modern situation and offers free and premium versions.

Chinook homepage


Valverde is a super-serif family of two widths, each with 18 fonts. It has a vintage feel to it, giving it an elegant and sharp impression.

Valverde homepage



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