6 Brand Marketing Opportunities Without Ads


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Talk to someone about your work as a marketing professional and they will likely talk about traditional digital advertising such as TV, radio, print, direct mail, banner ads, streaming audio and video, native content, paid search, and social media. There is a nature.

No surprises here. After all, these are the marketing assets they interact with on a daily basis. These assets are also the ones we marketers invest time, energy and resources into creating.

But marketing goes far beyond the ads you see while streaming shows, flipping through magazines, or scrolling through social media feeds. You may also be missing an opportunity to showcase and strengthen your brand.

What opportunities exist outside of advertising?

Beyond the more obvious advertising channels, here are six unique ways to use your brand story to reach prospects and customers.

1. Website

Indeed, your website is one of the most valuable pieces of real estate you own. But when was the last time you audited or overhauled your website? Your website design and content reinforce your brand identity and deliver a consistently great experience for first-time and returning visitors alike. Must provide. Drive traffic to relevant landing pages and maintain a high degree of cohesion throughout the journey.

Most visitors use smartphones to browse your website, so be sure to use a mobile-first design. Paying attention to load times is also important to keep bounce rates low. Review your website analytics regularly to ensure mobile and desktop users are engaged and learn how they use your website. And, of course, fixing broken links and other errors that can hurt your user experience.

2. Meta description

Ready to publish a new page on your website or publish a blog post and create a meta description in no time. Make sure it’s consistent and contains one or two keywords. However, while crafting your meta description with the right keywords is important for search algorithms, it’s important to remember that real consumers are scanning search results looking for content. They are also important. A compelling meta description that reflects your brand’s voice and tone can help prospects build a connection before they even click the link.

3. Presence at trade shows

Think about the last trade fair you walked through. How many pens, stickers and candy did you pack in your conference tote? Your brand has a chance to stand out at the trade show. Transform your booth into an experience beyond pop-up banners and gimmicky giveaways.

Design a comfortable, on-brand environment that invites prospects to stay for a while. Set up monitors to show branded videos, product demos, testimonials, and more while you wait to talk to your sales rep. Equip your sales team with tablets and sophisticated customer-facing content to use in your introductory pitch. Invite industry influencers to record podcasts and engage with visitors to your booth. These extra efforts show your commitment to making your brand special.

4. Curb appeal and face-to-face experience

What do customers and first-time visitors see and hear when they walk into your business location? How are they treated? Where do they wait to book? These collective experiences have a huge impact on how they ultimately view your brand. Design signage, entryways, and lobbies that reflect your brand. We take care of every detail of your on-site interactions, from the initial welcome, to waiting time, to departure. This should include training and equipping your office staff to support the overall customer experience you are trying to create.

5. Statements, invoices, and templates

Let’s be honest, no one likes paying bills. However, this does not mean that you can simply stamp your statement or invoice with a logo and send it. Instead, use these touchpoints as opportunities to reinforce your brand and remind yourself why your customers love doing business with you. The result is a smooth and streamlined customer experience.

Also, don’t forget the power of a nice handwritten note. Thank you for your business. Say thank you by creating stationery and note cards with designs that reflect your brand, or pair your branded box with branded coffee mugs and locally roasted coffee. This kind of attention to our customers does not go unnoticed.

6. Products and Services

Ultimately, products and services are the most important way to assert your brand’s story. Get serious feedback from your customers and sales team to constantly improve and look for ways to add value to what you’re selling. This also applies to the sales process, packaging and shipping. You should strive to create a truly memorable experience for everyone who buys your product or service.

Make your ads more effective

Advertising is integral to a brand’s marketing strategy, but it’s only one piece of the puzzle. There are many other ways to create positive customer experiences that help build customer loyalty and drive word-of-mouth marketing while increasing the effectiveness of your advertising. Taking advantage of these opportunities can propel your business forward.

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