7 Best Ecommerce Website Builders for Online Stores in 2022

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How did you choose the best website builder for ecommerce?

Our recommendations are not based on random guesses. All website builders on this page have been put through extensive independent testing.

Why You Can Trust

Determining which technology review websites provide up-to-date, independent information and actually testing the products they write about is like choosing between website builders or other software. can be as difficult as

Setting up your website is very easy. This is one reason why Google has so many review pages. But it’s rare to have the resources to properly compare complex business software. At, Our research and insight team performs extensive testing on every product we review Written in collaboration with’s expert writers, everyone knows what they’re talking about.

Insights from the research team

We are fortunate to have a dedicated research team that provides insight into every product we discuss, review and evaluate. spend time evaluating what the provider offers. Every step has been taken to reveal all the important information a user needs before making a purchase. We only award a score (such as Wix’s 4.8/5) to a provider if the research we have done is justified.

Their knowledge, skills, and research methods enable them, for example, to confidently talk about the value for money of a particular product or an estimated return on investment, or to identify and comment on the latest market trends.

real user test

An ambitious online store needs great features and access to a wide variety of apps, but these options are useless if they are too complex to use.

Our Insights team is made up of software experts, so we also conduct real-world user testing, letting users of different skill levels try out our website builder and give us feedback on how friendly it is. I’m here. That way you can see the real usability of each online store platform.

Their comments on the type and quality of templates you can use to create your online store, and the help and support provided should you need assistance, will be reflected in your score. As you read, please remember the following: Compare website builders made in this article Like other pages on our site Based on detailed independent evaluations.


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