A new website optimization solution for enterprise-level SEO

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As the scope of website optimization continues to expand, digital marketing professionals are burdened with an increasingly complex set of responsibilities.

Following the introduction of Core Web Vitals by Google, the focus on user experience has increased.

Additionally, it is important that your website adheres to the latest accessibility and privacy recommendations.

Keeping track of these trends can be especially difficult for enterprise-level SEOs responsible for optimizing large-scale sites.

So how can you and your organization be best prepared to take on these expanding responsibilities?

What tools and approaches do you need to transition your company to an effective enterprise SEO project management process?

In our next webinar, our guests will introduce a new and broader “website intelligence” approach to managing website optimization.

Learn innovative ways to improve your website’s search rankings while adhering to industry-wide best practices and providing the best user experience.

Join the discussion with Ali Habibzadeh, Lumar’s CTO, and Ashley Berman Hale, Lumar’s Vice President of Professional Services.

  • What is website intelligence and how it helps SEO professionals and digital marketers stay on top of website improvements.
  • Other site optimizations to keep in mind besides search: accessibility, user experience, compliance, etc.
  • Common issues with website accessibility and why SEOs are in a position to contribute to these important efforts.

This session introduces some of the new areas that SEO teams should be familiar with.

Say goodbye to inefficient internal processes and incorporate new strategies into your optimization approach.

With Website Intelligence, you can seamlessly scale your enterprise SEO program and maintain a healthy, compliant, and performing website.

Sign up for this webinar to discover how to effectively adapt to the evolving nature of SEO and set up your website for continued success.


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