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Germany-based embedded financial integrator AAZZUR partnered with Unified Data Platform and aggregator Sikoia to strengthen its portfolio and speed time to market.

The partnership will integrate Sikoia’s customer onboarding and risk assessment capabilities into AAZZUR’s embedded financial ecosystem. Among other things, Sikoia’s data and decision-making solutions will further expand AAZZUR’s credit and lending services, and its data insights will expand his AAZZUR clients’ ability to better understand, manage and mitigate risk.

AAZZUR collaborates with Unified Data Platform and aggregator Sikoia to strengthen its portfolio and reduce time to market.

Faster onboarding and enhanced risk decisions

As an aggregator that brings together financial service providers into a coherent data platform, Sikoia offers AAZZUR a unique opportunity to accelerate the onboarding of key customer functions, enabling AAZZUR to deliver broader and more flexible solutions faster will do so.

AAZZUR officials say it has been clear that Sikoia shares a similar vision for the future of financial services since it first appeared on the radar. As such, they are excited to be able to combine ecosystems and allow AAZZUR’s clients to immediately benefit from the immediate customer insights given by her Sikoia enrichment and verification solutions.

Also commenting on the partnership, a Sikoia representative said they are delighted to join forces with AAZZUR to combine highly complementary products. This partnership will enable AAZZUR to combine his UX and front-end capabilities with a decision-making and orchestration layer that streamlines customer onboarding and risk assessment to deliver an end-to-end solution for customers.

What does AAZZUR do?

Berlin-based AAZZUR enables businesses to create entirely new mobile banking apps from scratch or enhance existing services in just a few weeks thanks to its modular smart banking platform. Its embeddable smart finance block means clients can improve their customers’ financial lives through built-in wealth management services, budgeting tools, insurance, carbon offset programs and more.


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