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With the first month of the new year rapidly coming to an end, it can be difficult to maintain the initial energy students put into their resolutions.

However, USC has resources to keep up with these personal goals while reducing class stress.

Group X class
Group X helps students take a mental break.

move and clear

If students want more physical activity, Group X We offer exercise, purposeful movement, and breathing classes.

Jenna Gileczek is a graduate student who leads classes in bar, cycle and balance body yoga. She said the Group X staff is working towards an inclusive space for those looking to get some form of physical activity.

“If someone is looking for a really hard workout, we can do it,” said Gileczek. is.”

She explained that the staff simply likes to be there and congratulate everyone for taking time out for them.

In college, it’s easy to fall prey to judgments and expectations of social media and what other people look like and do,” says Gileczek. “Group X does not have such expectations of each other.”

Gileczek has been in the exercise program for four years, and she says her daily stress seems to melt away after teaching the classes.

“Replenishing the energy in the room can really make you feel better,” says Gillecek. “Take a break in the middle of your studies or in the middle of class, stop thinking about the stress of school and social life, come here and do something for yourself.”

Resume review workshop
The Career Center hosts workshops to guide students in writing their resumes.

It’s never too early to prepare for graduation

The end of a college career doesn’t have to be daunting.

If finding an internship or finding a career path is your goal this year, read on. career centerYou can start preparing for a smooth job search after graduation from the first year.

The center has resources to help you plan your career by looking for internships and jobs, writing resumes and cover letters, preparing for interviews, and researching graduate schools.

Emma Crandall, a senior political science major, is a peer educator at the Student Success Center and herself confident in her career path after her training.

“We have many experienced staff who are well versed in helping students explore their careers. Utilizing the resources provided by the Career Center will help students graduate from college and transition into the workforce. very important for.”

get into the club

Hobbies can free students’ minds from the demands of academics and enrich their lives in ways that TikTok and Instagram can’t.

If you want to learn new skills and meet new people, Join a USC Clubyour interest is astrology, art, beekeeping, minority wellness, read or carthere is a club for that.

Art Therapy Club President Lauren Pattock says being actively involved on campus consistently improves mental health and grades.

I think it’s great to be able to fill my time and broaden my interests a little bit,” said Puttock. “From personal experience, it keeps me motivated, busy and focused on my studies.”

Members pay $6 each semester to help the club budget for new activities. Also, club members can work on their own creations.

Some of our members don’t need any art experience, just to meet new people and learn new things.

“My goal is to create spaces and foster environments where people feel comfortable expressing themselves,” Puttok said. “We play nice music and people just chat. and have a great time.”

Raise your GPA and learn to manage your money

of Student Success Center We help students improve their grades and learn how to best manage their money through programs such as: money smart When learn smart.

Learn how to budget, build credit, and reach your savings goals with the Center’s financial consultants.

With the help of peer academic consultants, students can work on their motivation and discipline, access professional tutors, and develop effective study or writing skills.

Adrian Bortny, who oversees the Peer Consultancy Program, says the center is an excellent resource for struggling students.

It’s very scary when a student goes to a professor who’s not the same age as you or in your situation,” Bortny said. “Everyone here is a peer leader. Having attended a class in , I understand what it’s like to be a college student who has to balance a social, work and academic life.”

There is also an emergency loan program for textbooks and other expensive materials.Lee supplies are available through donations to the Gamecock School Supplies Project.

“This is for students who may not be able to afford school supplies, or who may have taken an exam and found themselves in a situation where they don’t have a blue book,” Boltney said. “We make sure they are prepared.”

Self-care leads to success

College can be stressful and mental health is the number one priority students should focus on to succeed on campus.

If your New Year’s resolution is to control stress, anxiety, depression, or other mental barriers, USC has many options. counseling and psychiatry.

Sophomore Lola Hansen, a political science major, has been using the university’s counseling and psychiatric services for about a year and says her grades have improved significantly.

“Therapy can benefit students in all aspects of life,” said Hansen. “I have learned a lot of new coping skills that I have never used before. It just makes my life a little easier.”

there is also group counseling Available for those who want to feel more support from other students with the same problem.

Group sessions are tailored to motivate students to develop coping skills, overcome social anxiety, and develop healthy relationships with food. There are also various support groups.

“Mental health can be the root cause of many things,” says Hansen. “So if that’s okay with you, then everything else is fine.”


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