Adani Enterprises stock still 30% away from recovering Hindenburg loss; how far are other Adani group stocks?

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Adani group stocks have been rising for the last few sessions after falling more than 50% this year, with Adani Ports becoming the first firm to recover all losses triggered by the Hindenburg Research’s report. However, the Gautam Adani-group flagship Adani Enterprises is nearly 30% below its January 24 price, the day when the bombshell report was published. While the recent surge has helped Adani stocks trim some losses, some of the stocks still have to recover as much as 80% from January prices.

Where are Adani Group stocks trading now compared to January 24 levels?

Adani Enterprises

January 24 price: Rs 3,442
Today’s Price: Rs 2,434
Recovery from 52-week low: 139.3%
Gap from pre-Hindenburg level: 29.2%
January 24 M-cap: Rs 3,92,474 crore
Today’s M-cap: Rs 2,77,367.97 crore
52-week high: Rs 4,189.55
How far from 52-week high: 42%
52-week low: Rs 1,017.10

Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone

January 24 price: Rs 761
Today’s Price: Rs 716.60
Recovery from 52-week low: 81.44%
Gap from pre-Hindenburg level: 5.8%
January 24 M-cap: Rs 1,64, 354 crore
Today’s M-cap: Rs 1,54,795.56 crore
52-week high: Rs 987.9
How far from 52-week high: 27.4%
52-week low: Rs 394.95

Adani Total Gas

January 24 price: Rs 3,892
Today’s Price: Rs 777.25
Recovery from 52-week low: 18.5%
Gap from pre-Hindenburg level: 80%
January 24 M-cap: Rs 4,27,326 crore
Today’s M-cap: Rs 85,543.23 crore
52-week high: Rs 3,998.35
How far from 52-week high: 80.56%
52-week low: Rs 633.35

Adani Wilmar

January 24 price: Rs 573
Today’s Price: Rs 444.55
Recovery from 52-week low: 35.95%
Gap from pre-Hindenburg level: 22.41%
January 24 M-cap: Rs 74,491 crore
Today’s M-cap: Rs 57,777.21 crore
52-week high: Rs 841.90
How far from 52-week high: 47.2%
52-week low: Rs 327

Adani Power

January 24 price: Rs 275
Today’s Price: Rs 257.3
Recovery from 52-week low: 94%
Gap from pre-Hindenburg level: 6.43%
January 24 M-cap: Rs 1,05,989 crore
Today’s M-cap: Rs 99,239.04 crore
52-week high: Rs 432.80
How far from 52-week high: 40.54%
52-week low: Rs 132.55

Adani Green Energy

January 24 price: Rs 1,917
Today’s Price: Rs 961.3
Recovery from 52-week low: 118.8%
Gap from pre-Hindenburg level: 49.85%
January 24 M-cap: Rs 3,03,113 crore
Today’s M-cap: Rs 1,52,273 crore
52-week high: Rs 2,574.05
How far from 52-week high: 62.65%

Adani Transmission

January 24 price: Rs 2,762
Today’s Price: Rs 879
Recovery from 52-week low: 39.5%
Gap from pre-Hindenburg level: 68.17%
January 24 M-cap: Rs 3,07,447 crore
Today’s M-cap: Rs 98,051.81 crore
52-week high: Rs 4,238.55
How far from 52-week high: 79.2%
52-week low: Rs 630

Most of the Adani group stocks fell today after surging up to 20% in the last few sessions. Adani Enterprises share price plunged 2%, Adani Transmission tanked 3%, Adani Green Energy tumbled 2%, Adani Total Gas slipped 1.58%, Adani Wilmar sank 3.61%, Ambuja Cements dipped 0.89% and ACC dropped 1% while Adani Ports rose 1%, Adani Power climbed 0.64% and NDTV jumped 5%, hitting the upper circuit. Gautam Adani-led Adani Enterprises stock fell after the BSE and NSE put the stock under additional short-term surveillance measures (ASM) due to heightened volatility. Adani Group’s stocks downfall started on January 24 this year, when US-based Hindenburg Research accused Gautam Adani and his brothers of stock manipulation and fraud. Earlier this month, the stocks recovered slightly after an expert panel constituted by the Supreme Court to investigate the Adani Group said that at this stage, it is not possible to conclude that there was a regulatory failure on the price manipulation allegation.


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