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In addition to the plans above, Strikingly offers a free plan with unlimited free sites. However, these sites and the ability to customize these sites are very limited. For example, if you open a store on a free site, you can only offer one product at a time. It’s also limited to 5 GB of bandwidth and 500 MB of storage per free site.

According to Strikingly, the most popular plan is the Pro plan due to its balance of features and cost. Get access to unlimited bandwidth. This is a big deal if your site has thousands or more monthly users and will start unlocking customization options. Most types of businesses will find this plan to work well, but E-commerce companies with many products may still consider VIP plans to be a better option.

very limited plan

Strikingly’s Limited plan lives up to its name and is very limited. If you just need to publish a personal or temporary site, this is a great option, but businesses won’t find the tools and features they’re likely to need in this plan. You are limited to 5 products and are charged a 5% transaction fee on every product you sell.

Additionally, the bandwidth and storage space of the Limited plan leaves much to be desired. You only have access to 2 sites, with 1 GB of storage space and 50 GB of data allowed per site. If you plan to drive a sufficient amount of traffic to your site, your site can get bogged down and even exceed those limits quickly.

Amazing Pro Plan

The Pro plan is the best value for money of all Strikingly plans. With the exception of a few top-tier features like a live chat widget and the ability to send newsletters directly, you’ll have access to almost everything you need to launch your business site. Site memberships are unlocked at the Pro level, including paid memberships.

This is the best plan if you have a strong technical background and want to write custom code. Because you get that power through the Pro plan and can upgrade your site quite a bit. Plus, while we only charge a 2% transaction fee on ecommerce items sold, you get access to all the great features like pop-ups and product reviews that help you close sales.

Outstanding VIP plan

The VIP plan should be considered by any business site looking to unlock everything Strikingly has to offer and make a strong marketing push. One plan gives you access to 5 VIP sites. This means each site can take advantage of all VIP features. This means you get 100 GB of storage and unlimited bandwidth across all five sites.

It also unlocks unlimited membership tiers and advanced ecommerce features such as unlimited products, ability to send newsletters, live chat widgets, and 0% transaction fees. Additionally, Strikingly’s customer service team is always a priority should you encounter any issues with your site.


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