Apple TV 4K promises quick media switching feature to eliminate ‘HDMI bonks’

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When Apple launched the excellent 3rd generation Apple TV 4K (2022) (you guessed it) in November 2022, the company promised to add Quick Media Support (QMS) in a later tvOS update. bottom. And behold! The settings option is now visible to his compatible 2023 TV owner.

why should you care? Combined with Apple TV 4K’s “Match Frame Rate” feature, QMS can seamlessly match frame rates for outputs such as 23.976Hz, 24Hz, 50Hz, and 60Hz. a blank screen during transitions) or interruptions in the TV picture, mainly the resolution you are looking at, as long as other factors remain the same.

how do i get it As first reported by FlatpanelsHD (opens in new tab)QMS is[設定]->[ビデオとオーディオ]->[コンテンツの一致]->[クイック メディア スイッチング]->[オン]You can click to expand to Apple TV 4K (2022).

This handy feature means a more seamless video playback experience when switching between content types, video apps, and the best streaming services (and no moments lost in a giant black screen). Banzai!

Analysis: QMS on Apple TV 4K is a top new feature, but TVs need support too

Pictures of LG C3 OLED

LG’s C3 OLED is one of the few TVs to officially support QMS so far… (Image credit: Future/TechRadar)

Can you just tweak your media player settings and get the job done?


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