April 11, 2023 – Biggest news story of the day

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Metropolitan Council of Nashville and Davidson Counties voted unanimously to send back Nashville’s Justin Jones Provisionally submitted to the Tennessee Legislature.

Memphis Jones and Justin Pearson voted by an overwhelming Republican majority in the House on Thursday protest Oppose gun violence in the State Capitol that killed six people, including three children. Nashville school shooting March 27th. Democratic Rep. Gloria Johnson, who also participated in the protest, survived by one vote.

Their dismissal was widely criticized by leaders across the country, including President Joe Biden, who tweeted, “The eviction of lawmakers who participated in peaceful protests is shocking, undemocratic and unprecedented.” . Expulsion has previously been used to remove members accused of serious crimes such as: demand a bribe again Suspicion of sexual misconduct.

Pearson is likely to be reappointed later this week. Jones and Pearson, both first-term young black men, Said they plan to run in the next special election for their seats. If re-elected, they will not be expelled for the same offense.

Egypt’s Covert Aid to Russia Runs Against Decades of US Alliance

  • Egypt, a longtime U.S. ally, secretly planned to send rockets to Russia. Washington Post report. In response to newly leaked US intelligence documents detailing the deal, a spokesman for Egypt’s foreign ministry said the country is “committed to maintaining equidistance with both sides” over the war in Ukraine. said.

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The Justice Department has asked an appeals court to block a federal judge’s decision to overturn the FDA’s approval of mifepristone. DOJ is Summoned to the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals To keep abortion pills on the market while the courts debate the issue.

The mother of a 6-year-old who shot her elementary school teacher Indicted for child neglectNo charges will be filed against the 6-year-old boy. But her teacher, Abigail Zwerner, sued the elementary school administrator for negligence for $40 million.

Twitter circles are broken, revealing non-public nudity. Many users have publicly warned against anyone using this feature. probably safe post Reaching the For You feed, Twitter’s home page driven by algorithms.

Five people were killed in a shooting at a bank in downtown Louisville.

A shooter opened fire on the Old National Bank in Louisville, Kentucky Monday morning. 5 dead, 9 more injured.

At a news conference Monday afternoon, police identified the deceased victims as Joshua Barrick, 40, Thomas Elliot, 63, Julianna Farmer, 45, and James Stadt, 64. All four worked at Old National Bank. On Monday night, authorities announced the death of a fifth person, Deanna Eckert, 57. Holding back tears, Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear told reporters that the bank’s vice president, Elliott, was a close friend and “one of the people I spoke to the most in the world.” .

The suspect was 23-year-old Connor Sturgeon, whom police confirmed killed at the scene. According to his LinkedIn page, the suspect has been working at Old National Bank since he began working as an intern in 2018 as a summer associate. He used a rifle in the attack, which he streamed live on social media, said Louisville Police Chief Jacqueline Gwynne and his Villarroel.

As of April 10, there have been 146 mass shootings in the United States this least 4,916 Americans will die from gun violence in 2023 so far.


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