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A recent investigation by federal officials found at least 50 children working in Midwest slaughterhouses. Children between the ages of 14 and 17 clean premises and perform other tasks, even though they are minors and are not legally permitted to work in such hazardous environments. was discovered.

The investigation was launched after several complaints were made to the Labor Department’s Wages and Hours Division, which enforces child labor laws. Upon arrival at the slaughterhouse, authorities found the children working long hours with little supervision and lacking proper safety equipment and training.

The children were all from the local area, were paid well below minimum wage, and received no overtime pay. Many of them report having suffered cuts, burns, fractures and other injuries while on the job.

One of the largest slaughterhouses in the Midwest has been ordered to close until it can prove it complies with child labor laws. The facility owner has also been charged with violating labor laws and endangering children’s safety.

Activists and policy makers in the area were very upset when they learned that these children were working at the slaughterhouse. Many are calling for stricter enforcement of child labor laws and better oversight of workplaces to prevent children from being exploited or harmed.

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An investigation is ongoing and authorities are working to identify and assist the children found working at the slaughterhouse. In the meantime, communities are rallying around children and their families to provide support and resources to help them through this difficult time.


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