Auburn University and Lalene B. Wallace Community College Sign MOU to Expand Path to Plains Program

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Auburn University signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Lalene B. Wallace Community College (LBWCC) on Thursday, December 15th. The MOU has formalized a partnership to expand Auburn’s Paths to the Plains program, extending the institution’s Pathways program to students. Across her four sites at LBWCC.

Open to first-graders residing in Alabama, Path to the Plains offers both discipline-specific and exploratory pathways for students aiming to transfer to Auburn. In addition to reinforcing both institutions’ commitment to access and affordability, this program allows students to enroll in LBWCC for up to two years while completing courses at both institutions at LBWCC tuition fees. .

At the signing ceremony, Auburn’s Christopher B. Roberts was joined by LBWCC Chairman Brock Kelly. As each president signed the agreement, both presidents cited the importance of working together to advance higher education attainment and economic development throughout Alabama.

“We are excited to expand this program to students at Lalene B. Wallace Community College, creating a viable pathway for students to succeed and ultimately earn a degree at Auburn University,” said Roberts. said. “Through Path to the Plains, we enable students to take advantage of the academic resources of both institutions by completing affordable courses and taking advantage of available programs and services.”

Students are exposed to Auburn’s coursework and academic programs while conducting self- and career studies, with both traditional specialization pathways and exploratory pathways that emphasize diverse career options. Through strategic connections with faculty, staff, and professionals, students can better connect with the Auburn campus through required coursework, access academic resources, and receive advice at both institutions.

“With the addition of this partnership, our goal of providing resources to remove financial and academic barriers becomes a reality,” Kelly said. “This arrangement allows students who want to pursue a bachelor’s degree at Auburn but need community college benefits to enroll at both institutions at the same time, resulting in a program-aligned student from both LBW and Auburn. We believe this program provides a clear and precise path to educational success and we are excited to develop this partnership.Building Paths with Auburn University I would like to continue.”

Launched this year, the exploratory option offers academic and career advisors who provide focused and personalized support through two instructional courses taken in Auburn. By relieving the pressure many students feel to declare a major before enrolling in college, exploratory options can help students to: Offer students the opportunity to choose a program.

Founded in 2019, Path to the Plains provides an affordable pathway for students with demonstrated potential for academic success who wish to transfer to Auburn after completing coursework at partner institutions I’ve been Students are eligible for early entry to Auburn courses in their majors, a fully mapped curriculum plan, and automatic admission to Auburn. Since 2019, over 100 students have participated in this program.

LBW Community College offers affordable academic, technical, and workforce programs with multiple class formats and flexible scheduling in four locations. LBW is a community-based, open admissions college dedicated to providing affordable, quality, and accessible education to individuals within our five county service areas. The college offers dual enrollment, technical training, two-year to her four-year transfers, adult education, and community education that prepares students for Alabama’s growing workforce.

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