Author of San Diego goths: I’m not a disrespectful anti-cynic

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Feature article

  • Leave It Alone: ​​San Diego Goth

  • During a conversation at El Cajon’s IHOP, Kernel brings up Hamlet. Carnell is the name of her 40-year-old co-publisher of Carpe Noctem. A nationally-renowned locally published magazine that serves as a venue for goth writing, art, and interviews. Regarding the history of Goth, he said: (February 8, 2001)
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Nothing beats the I-15 corridor. “This traffic jam today reminds me of LA. Twenty years ago.”

  • traffic spares no one

  • “In the Carmel Valley, there will be traffic problems when Route 56 opens. There is no planned northbound connector from Route 56 to Route 5, so we are concerned that traffic will fall back on surface roads. (2001.4.5)
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Dick Long checks his diving suit for leaks. “What we did was hire these people from Canada. First, they drilled some holes too much. I checked to see if there was any, but it didn’t pump out after that.”

  • teeth Yukon Let the diver die?

  • “It’s not a dangerous dive,” said Lieutenant Bass. I think it was successful all along, except for one fatality. [Vila], but it had nothing to do with the shipwreck. As soon as she reached her deck, her brother and her brother-in-law lost sight of her, so we don’t know what happened to her.

Sightseer stories

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From If Tony, like his soprano, has to face his own demons, this is the right place to do it.

  • Missing the 90s already?

  • I think zeitgeist in the 90’s was the mainstream of alternative music. We have not only standardized the word “alternative”, we have normalized it and commoditized all possible alternatives. (March 29, 2001)
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Lescaut site. The paintings inside the cave are approximately 15,000 to 17,000 years old.

  • Explore Lescaut Cave with a mouse

  • Approximately 60 feet of extensive frescoes depict three groups of animals: horses, bulls and stags, appearing at various locations in the ‘underground sanctuary’. The other gallery is His Gallery of Painted, which is about 90 feet long. Lateral passage that opens the bull’s saloon. and cat room. (March 22, 2001)
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Trabucco from the PisserClam site: “When I was on the pier, I tried bringing in clams and lobster from Back East.”

  • PB’s Piscrum Club

  • “Channel 8 responded. . So Jenni Cavitt came in the morning at 5 o’clock and started filming. They were here at Chaz’s for two hours. Geni was a little embarrassed to say “Shijimi” on air.” (February 8, 2001)
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From the Smoking Gun site. Russia as we know it is selling part of its huge arsenal.

  • where to buy russian sub

  • Realizing it is short on cash, Russia has sold some of its vast arms cache. The broker is Rosvoorouzhenie, a state-owned company that negotiates international commerce with merchants in Libya and Iraq. For some reason, the catalog does not list any prices, but the customer of the Rosvooruzhenie sales team found his service to be very highly rated. (November 9, 2000)
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Padres site. At least the Padres aren’t one of the ‘Big 4’.

  • A place for Padres fans

  • The offseason is a tough time. Those of us rooting for teams other than the Yankees need a break from crushes, but at the same time, winter is all about prospects. About every connotation of the word dreaming of surveying people below me from the top of the field. (2000.4.13)
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DuctTapeGuys site. Duct tape doesn’t work on ducts.

  • duct tape madness

  • Brothers-in-law Jim and Tim got the idea for a coalition of duct tape companies one Christmas Eve when a power outage occurred in a small Wisconsin town where families were gathering. Jim said, “I bet you can fix this blackout with duct tape.” (February 10, 2000)
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At HotRodder.Com, everyone can post their first car memories.

  • lemon car

  • The Most Disturbing Car Story award goes to an unnamed man from Watsonville, California. He noticed a few minor quirks shortly after purchasing the truck. By January 29, 1998, things had gone from bad to worse. Couldn’t reproduce the dealer’s problem. It gets worse over the next few days. (January 6, 2000) t720

In 1980, more than 4.5 million Rubik’s Cubes were sold, with even more sales the following year.

  • Welcome to the Bad Fuzz Museum

  • An online museum that exhibits regrettable fashion and events. In the former category, the coonskin cap “popularized in late 1954 with the debut of Fess Parker in the role of Walt Disney’s Davy Crockett, an Indian fighter”, and the popular pillbox cap. You can come to terms with the hat Mrs. Jackie Kennedy (November 19, 1998)
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Ghost town website. Decay and ruin are common occurrences dealt with in Darwin’s detachment.

  • America’s loneliest town

  • In California, for example, Agua Fria, Reward, Rough and Ready, and Stovepipe, in addition to many great ghost town names. The words collected in the site’s glossary have a certain mystery and old-fashioned ring to them. A rugged and commonplace of mining life. (1998.10.29)
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From the Manson site. Axess Manson’s stated purpose is to “uncover lies and distortions.”

  • Defending Charles Manson

  • A small snippet of Manson’s writing is exhilarating, utterly revolutionary, and dylanesque. It’s just the air we breathe. They are trees, water, and animals. (October 22, 1998)
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Surfline, 1998. It has more to do with NOAA’s buoy report than it does with the counterculture lifestyle.

  • killer surf website

  • For example, in SwellDirection you can find the exact description of the condition. You need to set the set in the waist-to-chest range—maybe the tide I believed was pushing you should set it a little larger.” (October 15, 1998)
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From the redoubt site. Ridout Plastics’ workforce has grown from his eight to over 65.

  • Ridout Plastics — Beyond Preisendorfer Surfboards

  • Clients can visit this site to order custom skateboards, odd-shaped plastic tubing, and as a bonus, be educated on the expansion and contraction properties of Plexiglas (acrylic). (November 29, 2001)
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From the Anarchy site. “Without some means of keeping accurate time, industrial capitalism could not continue to exploit workers.”

  • anarchy on the web

  • Anarchy Archives has a cynosure, which is a constellation rather than a single i guiding star. Here are names like William Godwin, Peter Kropotkin, Pierre Joseph Proudhon and Noam Chomsky. (October 4, 2001)
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A good 63-year-old American is more likely to score than a 31-year-old loser.

  • Looking for a bride on the Volga

  • I’ve found that writing lots of letters to your favorite girl works best. Write as many letters as possible. Here are some tips my dad gave me. Attractive, but not cheap. Be open and honest. (2001.8.23)
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From the ESPN site. Not surprisingly, ESPN spoils Thompson. He is an old friend of his ESPN executive his editor.

  • Hunter Thompson imitated Annie Leibowitz

  • Thompson’s latest soapbox was a weekly column for Since November last year, he has been serializing “Hey Roube!”. Appears on irreverent page 2 of the Disney-owned sports site. “Hey lube” means “hey dummies”. (2001.8.9)
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From Time spent at the urinal is a time of introspection, relaxation, exhalation and candor.

  • Urinal beauty

  • Dunn photographs the world’s longest urinal, a 290-foot trough rebuilt every fall by the Royal Flush Company at the foot of Verrazano Narrows Bridge on Staten Island in preparation for the New York Marathon. (July 19, 2001)

Wolff wrote a weekly column (Sightseer) on featured articles and unusual websites. reader From 1997 to 2006.



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