Auto-GPT powers ChatGPT and changes how it’s used in very scary ways

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Developers are finding innovative and exciting ways to not only integrate bots into their projects in new ways, but also to tweak ChatBots to get the most out of them, leading to the booming popularity of ChatGPT. flocking.

Now they’re building a way to automate ChatGPT prompts to encourage the tool to perform autonomous tasks. This eliminates the need for users to consistently guide the bot while using it for work.

Auto-GPT is an open source application developed on GitHub by Toran Bruce Richards that automates prompts for GPT-4, the latest version of the powerful ChatGPT AI bot. The application allows the user to enter a list of tasks he wants to complete instead of one task at a time. Auto-GPT “interacts” with his ChatGPT to generate prompts and complete various interwoven tasks. Spawns its own “subtasks” to help complete a given task.


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