Auvik 2023 Network IT Management Report Reveals IT and Security Challenges Hamper the End-User Experience of the Hybrid Workforce

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Waterloo, Ontario–(business wire)–Auvik, a provider of award-winning cloud-based network management software, today shared the results of its 2023 Network IT Management Report. The 2023 annual report, conducted by Auvik, includes the results of a survey of 4,500 IT professionals in North America, highlighting how in-house IT professionals are concerned with network visibility, management and security. It highlights the current challenges facing homes and MSPs alike.

Network visibility gap

One of the report’s key findings relates to the network visibility and security gaps faced by most IT teams, especially as remote and hybrid work continues. 86% of respondents said he supports remote workers at least occasionally, but he does SaaS and cloud monitoring or Wi-Fi management, which are critical components of new enterprise networks in today’s hybrid environment. There are only half.

SaaS and cloud applications (e.g. Salesforce, Slack, G Suite, Microsoft 365, Zoom, etc.) are how employees get work done. These apps and the Wi-Fi that employees use at home (or in hotels, coffee shops, etc.) pose a potential security risk to corporate networks, so IT teams need to ensure that employees can minimize risk. Increase productivity while saving money. Recognizing this need and current gap, his 30% of survey respondents plan to invest in their Wi-Fi management and/or his SaaS and cloud monitoring solutions within the next 12 months. reported that

“The upward trend Auvik has observed is supported by the findings of the 2023 report, where IT teams are increasingly valued for their ability to deliver a seamless experience to end users and stay productive.” said co-founder Alex Hoff. Chief Product Officer at Auvik. “45% of this year’s respondents say they are measured by end-user or customer satisfaction. When an employee experiences slowdowns on her device, network, or the applications she uses, it’s her IT team’s responsibility to fix the problem, which often suffers from blind spots and ever-changing environments. is working on ”

In January of this year, more than 2 million people in California lost power during a storm. After that, many people went to coffee shops and friends and relatives’ houses to work, new Wi-Fi connections, and potentially new devices. and other components that affect the end user experience. IT teams should have the tools to monitor, manage, and support employee work experiences anytime, anywhere.

Network configuration poses visibility and security challenges

Another serious visibility and security gap facing IT teams is in network configuration. Auvik reports that 45% of IT teams do not have full visibility into their network’s configuration, and 21% have configuration changes made by individuals other than his ITOps, possibly in adjacent departments such as DevOps. I am answering. Additionally, 20% of respondents said configuration changes happen daily, and another 33% say they happen at least weekly. Unknown non-IT employees frequently change the configuration of the network, greatly increasing security risk.

Other key findings from the report include:

  • 41.5% of respondents said their network documentation is updated monthly or less frequently. However, 53% report that configuration changes occur daily or weekly.

  • 61% of respondents believe that lack of time and money limits their ability to better serve their colleagues and clients

    • Budget/cost, security and lack of skilled professionals are the top three challenges facing IT teams

  • 73% of respondents outsource some of their network-related tasks

  • 42% of respondents track the percentage of uptime and downtime in their organization.

“Networks are evolving from an asset owned solely by IT organizations to anything teams can connect to their applications, resulting in significant change and complexity in the end-user experience,” continues Hoff. . “This means a poor end-user experience, increased likelihood of reduced productivity, security risks, and network downtime, with a direct impact on your bottom line. According to the Information Technology Industry Council, one hour of server downtime can cost most small and medium-sized businesses $300,000 and large organizations $5 million or more. Visibility is essential to reaching what we call “the last mile of the office network” and keeping remote workers safe, connected and productive. ”

Download the full 2023 Network IT Management Report.

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About Obic:

Auvik’s mission is to simplify the way IT teams work and live by providing simple and fast cloud-based IT monitoring and management. IT professionals can visualize their IT infrastructure, SaaS applications, and shadow IT in minutes. As a result, your team can identify and resolve issues in seconds, saving valuable time. Auvik is one of the fastest growing technology companies in North America and has been awarded the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 and Deloitte Fast 500. For more information, please visit Auvik is a registered trademark of Auvik Networks Inc.


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