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The Central Advanced Services exam is undoubtedly a top-notch competitive exam for applicants and candidates who want to put their academic skills and flawless expression into practice. However, it is very disappointing to witness the most dismal performance by a candidate who only got 1.94% results among 32,0059 candidates. Whether or not anyone agrees with this perception, it is clear that our stagnant educational system has produced and encouraged only rote learners who lack critical, analytical thinking in any field or domain. , which clearly reflects our swoon education system.

As for such pathetic results brought about by the CSS candidates, it is certain that in this current era of technological and media invasion, we are certainly breathing life into the mass invasion of information and knowledge. But the question is how to rationalize this knowledge.

One of the main reasons is the lack of value and proficiency in English grammatical expressions and the stimulation of the creative imagination of applicants. Lack of proper guidance is another reason why this case is wreaking havoc. Instead of having a good command of English expression, most candidates seek out an edited essay written by someone else and cram it in to use in essay writing.

While our educational system has greatly encouraged rote learning, we need to reflect on the need to focus on creative content to give students ample opportunities to hone their skills throughout their academic career. There is. Unfortunately, our education system hinges on who reproduces the best content after viewing. This is because CSS candidates are unable to apply their knowledge and express themselves dexterously to impress the examiner.

Another puzzling reason for failure at this level is the mushroom growth of the Preparatory Academy for Candidates booming in our society. The academy scrounges huge sums in terms of fee packages with guarantees and commitments to land candidates in foreign offices or administrative offices eager to invest heavily in this business, but its The results of such exercises are zero unless professionals are available with them who provide very clear guidance to applicants in order to achieve their dreams and realize their hopes.

If the candidate, while reading good books and newspapers, is constantly in touch with day-to-day events and developments in life on a national and international level, he will develop his vocabulary bank in a short period of time, as reading opens new perspectives for everyone. You can definitely create it. Expanding the spectrum of our minds with an analytical approach to reach the pinnacle of glory and grandeur.

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