Bajaj Finserv Flexi Cap Fund: New Equity Mutual Fund from Bajaj Finserv AMC: NFO dates, who should invest?

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Bajaj Finserv Asset Management has launched Bajaj Finserv Flexi Cap Fund, its first equity scheme. It is an open-ended equity scheme, which aims to provide long-term capital appreciation by investing in equity and equity-related instruments across market capitalization, based on a ‘MEGATRENDS’ strategy, the AMC said in a statement. Following are details of the Flexi Cap Fund shared by Bajaj Finserve AMC.

The scheme will be managed by Chief Investment Officer Nimesh Chandan, Senior Fund Manager Sorbh Gupta (Equity portion) and Siddharth Chaudhary (Debt portion). The fund will be benchmarked against S&P BSE 500 TRI.

The AMC said investors can seek to benefit from the strongest megatrends that their investment experts spot across sectors, themes, market capitalization and geographies. 

“Rather than looking at past performance, the Bajaj Finserv AMC investment team looks at megatrends that are monetizable, have a large scope and long-term impact,” it added. 

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Investment philosophy: Bajaj Finserv Flexi Cap Fund will follow an investment philosophy based on InQuBe – the AMC’s proprietary framework that adds a layer of behavioural finance to the Informational and Quantitative edges. By doing this, it seeks to eliminate behavioural biases in investment decision-making. 

“The stock selection can be based on multiple parameters such as company fundamentals, valuations, and most importantly MEGATRENDS across Technological, Regulatory, Economic, Nature, Demographic and Social changes,” the AMC said. 

NFO Dates

The New Fund Offer (NFO) will open for subscription on July 24, 2023 and close on August 7, 2023.

Commenting on the launch of the new fund, Ganesh Mohan, CEO, Bajaj Finserv Asset Management said, “Flexi Cap as a category is the most flexible amongst the equity scheme offerings and we believe it can become an integral part of investors’ core portfolio, especially those who are looking for long-term investments and value creation.” 

“India is a high-growth economy showing resilience and continues to be one of the most favourable investment destinations in the world. This provides an opportunity to investors who could benefit from the growth of the economy and its diverse sectors contributing towards this growth. Our Flexi Cap Fund is powered by a MEGATRENDS strategy which means the fund manager would invest with an aim to come into trend at the right time and exit at the right time as well,” he added. 

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Nimesh Chandan, CIO, Bajaj Finserv Asset Management said, “Bajaj Finserv Flexi Cap Fund is based on MEGATRENDS which are powerful long-term changes that affect economies, businesses, and companies. Spotting Megatrends paves the way for long term Buy-and-Hold investing opportunities and this is a key differentiator between cyclical, thematic and factor investing. Our portfolio will be long-term, multi-thematic, multi-cap, multi-sector and growth-oriented.”

“Equity returns tend to correlate with profit stream dynamics. Megatrends investing helps in identifying future profit movements and positioning the portfolio appropriately. This investing approach combines both top-down and bottom-up analysis. The Megatrends filter acts as a top-down layer, while bottom-up analysis helps in identifying businesses that are suited to benefit from those trends,” he added.

Why should invest?

The Flexi Cap Fund will provide investors the flexibility to invest in companies of all sizes, from small-caps to large-caps, and across sectors. 

This fund is beneficial for those with a long-term investment horizon, and those who look to avoid the complexities associated with asset allocation in different types of funds, the AMC said. 

Disclaimer: The above content is based on a press release shared by Bajaj Finserv AMC. Views or facts expressed above do not reflect the views of Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks. Please consult your financial advisor before investing.


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