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Helping your customers grow their sales doesn’t stop at generating leads.Journey is just the beginning

DAYTON, Ohio, January 31, 2023 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Bash Foo, a web design, SEO, creative services and digital marketing company, today introduces Fractional CMO and Sales Enablement to its popular services. announced. This new service enhances and underscores Bash Foo’s continued expansion and strengthens our clients’ sales and revenue goals.

“Since partnering with our first client in 1999, Bash Foo has been focused on helping our customers with their functional needs,” said Mike McDermott, president of Bash Foo. “I have always been frustrated that when I send leads to small business customers, I sometimes struggle with lead processing. I didn’t even understand how to get a letter of recommendation.”

Fractional CMOs

What if you want a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) but don’t have the budget to pay a $250,000 salary? Hire a helpful fractional CMO.

“Marketing agencies provide the services you pay for, but they typically don’t research your industry, hire team members, streamline lead generation, or customize reporting dashboards. .

With the addition of Fractional CMO, customers will have access to consulting services with a precise view of agency marketing services and insight into how it can benefit their organization. From gaining better insight through reporting to identifying prospects, a fractional CMO can be involved in many things.

Sales enablement

Traditional marketing departments have always been there to help sales teams identify, nurture, and grow new revenue streams. Marketing agencies typically set up lead generation forms and landing pages to direct sales teams to fill out those forms and make phone calls. An often overlooked aspect is converting marketing qualified leads (created by an agency) into sales qualified leads (prospects that meet the criteria set by the sales team). And what about prospects who are interested but not ready to buy?

Bash Foo’s new sales enablement service integrates your website with your customer relationship management (CRM) software tools. Also, train your sales team on how to handle leads and how to flag leads for nurture within CRM. Bash Foo’s sales executives also assist businesses in setting the right sales cadence and communication strategy.

“This new work delivered to the entire team at Bash Foo is a direct response to the evolving business demands of our clients and brands,” added McDermott. “We are proud of Bash Foo’s growth and expansion. Our new service opens up new opportunities for our customers.”

Check out the Bash Foo website to find out how these new services can help your business or organization.

About Bash Foo

With 18 team members in 3 countries and serving over 90 clients, Bash Foo is big enough to get the job done, but small enough to care for. am. From close monitoring of marketing campaigns to in-depth competitor research, the five-star rated agency has won multiple awards for website design, content his marketing, and marketing automation services. An agency that offers website design in Dayton, Ohio, has clients in the Midwest and, for national brands, even wider, across the United States.

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    Bash Foo moves from marketing to sales enablement