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As Vice President and Executive Broker of Compass’s District Partners in the Washington metropolitan area, André Perez is passionate about serving clients with a clear interest in luxury properties. Perez appreciates his ability to focus on specific groups of customers and help them find the perfect home.

Through a partnership with Real Estate Webmasters, Perez has been able to leverage these efforts and become an authority in his niche.

Real Estate Webmasters provides Perez with an all-in-one solution that provides SEO-friendly web design, strong lead generation, and IDX integration specifically designed for the real estate industry.

“Some web developers have great solutions, but they’re not pretty sites,” says Perez. “Some sites offer beautiful sites that are not functional. Real Estate Webmasters has all of these necessary features and has helped him achieve success in generations as an online lead in highly competitive real estate. .”

With the guidance of Real Estate Webmasters, Perez is able to create a stronger and more professional client base. Through Google-friendly design, SEO optimization, and niche-focused content, Perez is able to acquire quality leads with interests that align with their areas of expertise.

“They are the best at getting leads online,” says Perez. “Thanks to his beautiful online presence, he was able to deliver a functional search experience that made agents and agencies look like heroes.”

Among the many tools of Real Estate Webmasters, Perez has had a lot of success with their IDX solution. This solution allows users to easily support local MLS and customize searches for their city. With this tool, Perez can better serve his niche by providing relevant search options that are more likely to close deals.

“Real Estate Webmasters’ IDX solution is very robust,” says Perez. “They can work with you to get it to work in your city, which not every company can offer.”

Since initiating a partnership with Real Estate Webmasters and establishing many of these online solutions, Perez has enjoyed tremendous success.

“We have increased our production year after year simply because of our presence in the local market,” says Perez. “And this is just the beginning. Sales are also growing, making it easier to recruit new agents and start conversations with clients. All thanks to our strong online presence. Thanks to

Perez continues to move forward with its goals to further define its customer base, refine its specialties and specialize in neighborhood price points. Luckily, Real Estate Webmasters provide tools to help improve lead quality and achieve these goals.

“This technology allows us to perform well in certain key searches, so we can get leads looking for properties in specific locations and on specific sites,” says Perez.

According to Perez, the returns are well worth the investment. Real Estate Webmasters’ solutions and digital tools have produced tangible results that position Perez and his organization at the leading edge of his lead, his generation and customer interface online.

“There are a lot of options out there, but if you’re looking for certainty, results, and a website that can generate leads organically, this is the solution,” says Perez.

After a ten-year partnership with Real Estate Webmasters, Perez has not only experienced increased sales, but has found it easier to deliver quality website interactions to his professional clients.

“It dramatically changed our business and business model,” says Perez. “We are honored to have a real estate webmaster on our side.”

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