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Best Nonprofit Fundraising Event: 100 Mile Luck March Challenge at Why Me & Sherry’s House

At the end of July, 33 people kicked off a four-day 100-mile (100-mile) charity rack in central Massachusetts in the scorching heat. Despite the temperatures pushing him into his low 90s and the humidity making it feel even hotter, most athletes persevered, knowing they were doing much bigger things than themselves. I was.

They were participating in the second annual 100 Mile Luck March Challenge to benefit the pediatric cancer support services organization Why Me & Sherry’s House.

According to a documentary that tracked the event, the race is a military-style challenge in which athletes hike 25 miles (25 miles) a day, camp each night at a local brewery’s farm, and continue marching with the sunrise each morning. am. Athletes carry everything they need for the entire challenge throughout the event. In 2021, the challenge’s inaugural year, 15 athletes took part.

“Remember why you signed up to do this. It’s probably one of the only things that can get you over,” event creator Rick Porter told athletes just before kickoff. rice field.

The participants were strangers when they started racking. But the intensity of the challenge, plus their commitment to helping children deal with a devastating disease, left them fat as thieves by the time it ended.

Rebecca Kuczarski, Executive Director of Why Me, said: “Last year we had a guy from Texas who didn’t know anyone, but he walked off with 33 new best friends. ”

The 2022 Luck March Challenge raised nearly $150,000 to support nonprofits.

This year’s event will be held from July 20th to 23rd. Athlete registration is full, but those interested can still sign up to volunteer.

— Story written by Laura Finaldi

* Indicates repeat winners

Great venue for business meetings: Beechwood Hotel*

position: Worcester,
chief executive officer: Saeed Saleh, Asset Manager and Managing Director
Founded: 1989
employee: 100

For over 30 years, Beechwood has served the business community of central Massachusetts as a venue for business meetings. Each meeting is fully customizable and features the latest audiovisual technology, his fast 5G internet speeds, unique meeting room designs, award-winning cuisine and an executive planning team that coordinates every detail.

Featured runner-up: AC Hotel by Marriott Worcester, Venture X Marlborough – Apex Center

Great venue for corporate events: Beechwood Hotel*

position: Worcester,
chief executive officer: Saeed Saleh, Asset Manager and Managing Director
Founded: 1989
employee: 100

As part of its commitment to going beyond corporate events, The Beachwood offers 8,000 square feet of flexible event space across 13 function rooms, an experienced team of hospitality professionals and event planners, and an extensive range that exceeds industry standards. It offers a strict sanitization and safety policy and free on-site parking. .

Notable runners-up: Polar Park

best web design firm: Penta Communications Inc.*

position: Westborough,
chief executive officer: Founder and CEO Deborah Penta
Founded: 1989
employee: 16

PENTA has worked with hundreds of companies over the years as part of our services as an integrated marketing company, including providing website design and development. PENTA prides itself on its personalized service, striving to address each client’s different challenges and goals.

Featured runner-up: Worcester Interactive, Kill the Ball Media

best video production company: Pagano Media*

position: Worcester,
chief executive officer: President Joe Pagano
Founded: 1981
employee: 9

A boutique digital marketing agency, Pagano Media leverages its design, branding and production capabilities to achieve clients’ marketing goals. The company won him a W3 Web Design Award in 2022 for his work with Spencer manufacturing company Dienes, which increased organic web traffic by 140%.

Featured runner-up: Penta Communications, Studio Jade

Grand prize and promotional items: Crown Trophy

position: Northborough,
chief executive officer: Owner Andy Greckel
Founded: 1996
employee: Ten

Crown Trophy sees 2022 as a major rebound year, with new customers seeking award-winning products directly from the company. Having expanded its product line and regained its ability to offer a wide range of designs, Crown Trophy remains committed to accuracy, timeliness and fair pricing.

Featured runner-up: Olympic Trophy, Guertin Graphics.

best commercial printer: Curry Pudding*

position: Westborough,
chief executive officer: President Peter Gardner
Founded: 1978
employee: 30

Curry Printing will expand with new products and new market entries in 2022, and strong revenue performance has enabled the company to invest in infrastructure and technology. Currently at pre-COVID employment levels, Curry Printing continues to add new clients to its customer base.

Featured runner-up: Minuteman Press, Miles Press


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