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Binance has joined the Association of Accredited Sanctions Specialists (ACSS) to improve the skills and expertise of our compliance professionals.

Binance revealed in its press release that it plans to make the most of its training materials, comprehensive database, and deep network within ACSS. All compliance professionals on the sanctions team, as well as money laundering reporting, compliance operations, and special investigation leaders, undergo ACSS training as part of the accreditation process.

Binance’s primary objective is to familiarize the team with the latest OFAC guidelines for developing sanctions compliance programs. Additionally, working with ACSS will help our team better understand sanctions orders and the risks of non-compliance across multiple jurisdictions.

Binance reports that its compliance team has grown from 500 to 750 people in 2022 and has secured regulatory licenses, registrations and approvals in 14 jurisdictions including France, Dubai, Spain, Bahrain and Australia at the time of writing. increase. Binance officials expressed their commitment to set the industry standard for security and compliance alongside other industry players. That’s why they chose to work with ACSS.

ACSS representatives emphasized their willingness to provide the Binance team with the highest quality training while helping improve compliance across the cryptocurrency industry.

Binance has joined the Association of Accredited Sanctions Specialists (ACSS) to improve the skills and expertise of our compliance professionals.

More information about the Association of Certified Sanctions Specialists

The Association of Certified Sanctions Specialists is a professional membership organization for sanctions professionals worldwide. This agency was established to facilitate sanctions compliance by supporting the professional development of individuals involved in these efforts.

Financial institutions, international corporations, law firms, consulting firms, governments and other industries and companies rely on ACSS to assist with their sanctions compliance needs. ACSS offers a “Certified Sanctions Specialist” exam that allows individuals to receive complete sanctions compliance training.

According to, the purpose of the accreditation program is to set standards for sanctions professionals and to make Certified Sanctions Specialists (CSS) widely recognized as trained and qualified professionals in the sanctions field. This is a multiple-choice proctored exam that can be taken at testing centers around the world.

Certification exams are universal and not focused on a specific country or industry. Analyze and validate competencies and skills across the sanctions spectrum, including due diligence, policy, screening, compliance and sanctions evasion investigations.


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