Bing Webmaster Tools to Get Bing Chat Impressions and Clicks Next Month

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Microsoft plans to bring Bing Chat data directly into Bing Webmaster Tools in May, Microsoft’s Fabrice Canel said. twitterWe knew this was coming when Fabrice Canel announced the news a few weeks ago, but now Fabrice says it will launch in the next few weeks.

Coming in May. “e is scheduled to ship in May with Bing Webmaster Tools UX and Bing Webmaster Tools API,” Fabrice Cancel said when asked if Bing Chat data is coming to Bing Webmaster Tools. In another tweet, he said, “We will start reporting clicks and impressions for Bing Chat in the coming weeks.”

These tweets are:

Bing Chat in Webmaster Tools. Bing Webmaster Tools will soon add Bing Chat integration, allowing publishers, content creators, and site owners to see how much traffic the chat feature is sending to their sites. It’s part of the Bing performance report and shows impressions, clicks, click-through rate, and more.

Here is a photo of this report from Jennifer Sleg. twitter:

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why you care. With all the concern, confusion, and stress around these new chat AI features, reports showing how many people have seen links, clicked links, and visited sites have become a major threat to publishers, content creators, and sites. Useful for owners. As early as May 2023, we should soon be able to see the traffic and visibility our site is getting directly from Bing Chat.

I hope Google does the same for Google Bard, but Bard is unlikely to provide a citation, so I doubt we’ll see this from Google any time soon.


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