Blue Atlas helps B2B companies launch better websites built with WordPress



Blue Atlas helps B2B companies launch better websites built with WordPress

Blue Atlas Marketing says that improving the functionality, appearance, accessibility, compliance and optimization of its website can create a more effective face for the company.

Houston, Texas – Websites are the face of a company online, but they often lack personalization, functionality, or accessibility, leaving companies with a lack of ability to generate leads and build their brand. . Blue Atlas is committed to giving businesses access to high quality, great websites built with WordPress.

Blue Atlas works with many businesses to create more functional and responsive corporate sites using the latest strategies to improve search rankings. Aside from getting contact information, websites serve as a place to learn about and engage with a company and are often one of the most important steps in the buying process. Poorly designed or non-functioning sites put businesses at risk of missing out on key leads and revenue.

Your website should be a lead generator for your business, but it often lacks the core tools that make this possible, with errors, outdated styles, or even poor navigation settings that limit the overall effectiveness of your site. there is. A business with no website at all limits its ability to reach its most likely customers, regardless of industry.

“Your website should be the digital face of your company. I often encourage my clients to consider whether their existing site really best represents their brand, image, services and professionalism,” says Lauren of the project. Stockard says. manager. “Updating your site to make sure it works in the best possible way to get Google’s attention and turn traffic into leads is always a smart investment.”

Blue Atlas offers a wide range of digital services and tools for businesses, including building mobile-friendly and accessible websites. This includes meeting all non-existing ADA compliance requirements. Our web design solutions provide companies in all industries with trusted tools to build digital networks, grow leads and fully represent their brands.

For a website to be truly effective and functional, there are many factors such as whether the website is built for speed, is it designed to generate leads, is it easy to navigate, etc. plays a role. Often times, an organization launches his website and assumes nothing more needs to be done, but over time problems arise. The site becomes outdated or simply fails to accurately represent the brand.

Blue Atlas warns that lack of a consistent view of a company’s website functionality can be more of a liability than an asset. A non-functioning site or a site that offers an outdated brand image can deter customers who find it from investing time and money in the company. In contrast, a modern, friendly, and enhanced website optimized to generate traffic and leads for your business can be an incredible asset.

Organizations that haven’t developed a new site in the last year or so, or lack a digital presence, can now reach out to Blue Atlas. The company offers a free-to-use tool for estimating the cost of developing a website, making it easy for companies to know what kind of investments they are making. Considering ROI is a must.

About Blue Atlas

Blue Atlas is a website accessibility, digital marketing and web development company dedicated to providing the best websites for our clients. We continue to work to innovate and provide businesses with solutions that make it much easier for organizations to reach a wider audience of potential website visitors and customers and achieve their goals of generating leads. To learn more about how Blue Atlas helps business owners achieve more functional and responsive websites, visit their website ( Please look.

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