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Bun, a new JavaScript runtime designed for speed, has been updated with improvements such as a plugin API for Bun’s runtime, faster asynchronous HTTP server responses, and a more reliable macOS event loop. .

Bun is a modern JavaScript runtime aimed at similar uses to Node and Deno. Built from the ground up with a focus on speeding up startup and providing a complete set of tools including bundler, transpiler and package manager.


Bun developer Jarred Sumner says it’s designed as a drop-in replacement for current JavaScript and TypeScript apps or scripts running on your local computer, server, or edge.

bun v-node and deno

Bun is a wrapper around JavaScriptCore, WebKit’s JavaScript engine, natively implementing hundreds of Node.js and Web APIs, including about 90% of Node-API functions (native modules), fs, paths, and buffers To do.

Bun is written in Zig, a low-level programming language with manual memory management. Part of Bun specifically made is a client for NPM, SQLite, HTTP, WebSocket, and JSX/TypeScript transpilers.

The developers say they’ve spent time profiling, benchmarking, and optimizing things, and while the mechanics vary in different parts of Bun, one general theme is Zig’s low-level control over memory and hidden Lack of control flow is what makes it happen. It’s much easier to write fast software.

Sumner said Bun’s goal is to run most of the world’s JavaScript outside the browser.

The latest version of Bun, v0.1.11, has a new plugin API for Bun’s runtime, providing 2.5x faster asynchronous http server response. React SSR on macOS is also twice as fast as he was in previous releases, and the event loop on macOS is more reliable. The last change worth noting is the expanded support in tsconfig.json.

Bun 0.1.11 is now available.


For more information

dumpling website

Bang on GitHub

jig website

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