By 2023, we will need an SEO expert five times

5 times youll need an expert SEO in 2023


There are many times during the lifecycle of your website that you need professional SEO.

Your rankings, traffic and revenue in 2023 will be at risk if you don’t get some real expert help in the following five scenarios.

1. Site redesign

This New Year, many people are planning to update their website. The problem is that SEO is either not in the conversation during the site redesign, or not handled properly. This is a problem.

A site migration is any major change to your website, such as a URL update, redesign, change of content management system or hosting provider.

Any of these changes, if handled properly, can adversely affect your website’s performance in search results.

Undoubtedly, there are many things to consider. If you’re involved in a site migration, it’s usually enough to divide your SEO checklist into pre-launch, launch, and post-launch activities.

Even when done right, it’s common for a site’s organic traffic to drop temporarily (80% of SEOs expect it) but then recover and even beat previous benchmarks.

However, if not, something is terribly wrong. Your website will never recover and you may experience a long-term drop in traffic.

If you make significant changes to your website, be sure to have an experienced SEO guide you through the entire process. Website design agencies may not have the necessary expertise.

2. Deep analysis

Even if you ticked off everything on your SEO checklist, there could be something sinister lurking behind your website that’s causing your traffic to drop. Only a detailed audit can discover such things.

Site owners typically only focus on high-performing pages. But that’s only a small part of the quality of your website. Web pages in the remaining 80% of your site can hurt your overall quality and relevance and impact your traffic.

One case? Helpful content updates from Google that examine your entire website for content quality. If one page is considered bad, it can affect the entire website.

Also, don’t forget the impact that well-organized, quality content has on relevance across your site. According to Google’s Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide:

“Website navigation is important to help visitors find the content they need quickly. It also helps search engines understand what content the website owner considers important.” Google’s search results are delivered at the page level, and Google wants to understand what role the page plays in the overall picture of the site.”

In other words, web pages do not exist in isolation. Google often considers the entire site when ranking.

There are other hidden problems with websites that can easily be missed without a technical SEO audit. For all these reasons, it is important for website publishers to better understand their sites through proper audits.

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3. Ranking of competitive terms

Honestly, what keywords is not Are you competitive these days? Search with any keyword and you will find millions of results. Still, only page 1 is important.

Some keywords are easier to rank for than others. For example, it may be easier to rank something like “Top Video Games List of 2022” than just “Game”.

you should know. It took many years for our client to rank #1 in the highly competitive term “games”. But we did. And it stuck.

Ranking for a million dollar keyword doesn’t just happen by following a checklist. It’s brought to you by a professional with decades of experience and deep SEO expertise – an expert who practices his SEO technically and understands what’s going on in search today. will be

Sure, SEO guidance is available everywhere, but don’t settle if you’re trying to rank on competitive terms. Get her SEO professional.

Search engine result pages are always in flux.

In 2021 alone, Google ran over 700,000 experiments, resulting in over 4,000 changes to Search. That’s about 11 changes per day. Do you have time to track and analyze all algorithm updates and how they apply to your website?

Algorithm updates give Page 1 a fresh look and keep competitors ahead. They may have more resources and a bigger budget. Now we need to understand what has changed and how we can move forward again.

A myriad of factors affect the ranking of search results. Trying to figure it out should be left to SEO experts.

5. Technical SEO

Anyone can easily do on-page SEO, but it takes knowledge and experience to get the technical part right. Mobile usability, site speed, structured data markup, robots.txt, server maintenance, page experience, and more.

Technical SEO requires the expertise of an expert working with a website developer or webmaster to ensure the right changes are made in the right way. One mistake can quickly ruin your SEO results.

Every website should make sure the technical part is good enough to be ranked. why? Sites that cannot be crawled will not be ranked.

Google’s Gary Illyes said in a Reddit thread:

“[I] I really hope SEO goes back to the basics (i.e. making your site crawlable) instead of focusing on stupid updates and hoaxed terms by ranking trackers. This sentence. “

Level Up Your SEO Game in 2023

The new year brings new possibilities to your website.

It’s time to seriously consider how to integrate an expert SEO strategy so you can compete on Page 1.

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