Can I work as a freelance web designer in Singapore without registering a company?

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Web design Easy to learn. Develop websites with WordPress, Javascript, Typescript and Python. Even if you can’t code and can only use drag-and-drop templates, you can still use Wix. Many small business owners struggle with basic systems like Wix.

Also, the cost of living in Singapore is so high that many people start looking for a side job. Students are starting freelance work just to earn extra income, and freelancing as a web designer is an attractive option. But does her freelance web designer have to report income, do they have to incorporate a legal entity?

The short answer is yes. You must register your company. Singapore is one of Asia’s largest business hubs and is famous for its strict laws and aggressive enforcement of prosecution and punishment. Thinking about Oliver Fricker He was convicted of vandalism in Singapore and was canned for his actions.

Everyone working in Singapore must declare their income. They must also pay CPF and follow other regulations set by MOH.But if you are working as a freelancer in Singapore, actually establish a company and legal entities.

What is a sole proprietorship?

A sole proprietorship is a business owned by a single individual. Family-run stores are usually run under a sole proprietorship. This is due to the ease of setting up a sole proprietorship and the lack of partners involved in doing business.

Sole proprietorships are ideal for freelancers who want to follow the rules and start freelancing as soon as possible. This is also great for people who don’t want to spend too much time and resources on the company formation process, accounting and annual reports.

Are freelancers good for sole proprietorships?

it’s hard to Compare business entities to each otherThis depends on yourself and the type of business you want. If you plan to become a freelancer and stay as a freelancer, a sole proprietorship may be just what you need. No need to pay hundreds of dollars for a incorporation company when all you need is a sole proprietorship without the extra hassle and hassle.

On the other hand, if you want to expand and hire web developers and start expanding your services, ecommerce website designit is recommended to consider Registration of a limited companyThe majority of SMEs in Singapore are private companies. While they are not required to publicly disclose earnings like publicly traded companies, they are subject to more regulations and rules, such as compliance with annual shareholder meetings. Submit annual report to ACRA.

However, a limited company can hire employees and can be expanded by adding partners. For example, let’s say you’re good at developing WordPress websites. In the future, you may need a partner who specializes in designing e-commerce websites with Typescript and a third his partner who specializes in social media marketing.

How do I register a sole proprietorship or private company?

This process is different if you are a foreigner. Foreigners can only start a business in Singapore through a legal entity and not on their own. If you are a Singapore citizen or a PR with a SingPass account, you can also start your own business.

  1. Go to the ACRA website.
  2. Register your company name.
  3. The company name must be approved and must not contain prohibited words such as “school”.
  4. Register your new company as a sole proprietorship or private company. Please prepare documents such as NRIC and personal information at hand.
  5. You will receive an approval or rejection letter from ACRA within four weeks.
  6. Contact the incorporated company for all regulations and deadlines for filing annual reports and other information at the end of each fiscal year.

Is freelancing really worth this tedious work?

Yes, contracting with a incorporation company and submitting annual reports every year is a hassle. Holding an annual general meeting with all partners is a hassle. However, if you want the freedom and opportunity to expand your company, you must register a private limited company.

But if you plan to remain freelance and small, a sole proprietorship is the best option. Ultimately it comes down to what you want and where freelance work takes you.


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