Carmarthenshire: Drivers warned of pot holes with funny sign

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Mr Burton said the council sends a worker every time they complain to fill the biggest pot holes with tar, but then they “drive off as if the job is done, actually leaving significant holes elsewhere and no real maintenance”.

“The council are just trying to put off the evil day of having to deal with the road properly.

After writing a letter to the chief executive of the council and getting their local councillor involved, the residents decided to take matters into their own hands.

Mr Burton decided to create and erect the sign.

“There are a lot more roads in Carmarthenshire that are as bad.”

“We thought humour was the way to bring attention to this issue.”

Mark Thomas, 48, described the pot holes as “disgraceful”.

“They are like the old horse and cart days. It would be quicker for me to go to work through people’s fields, and safer,” he said.

“There’s nothing been done here for 12 years, other than a few potholes.”


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