Chancery & Circuit Court & Estate Transfers –

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Chancery & Circuit Court & Estate Transfers

Released at 10:58 am on Friday, April 28, 2023

Chancery coat
Annie Elizabeth Wallace vs. Brandon Derek Sizemore (protection order)
Jeremy Andrew Arwood vs. Daniel Nicole Mitchell Hubbard (divorced)
Annie Elizabeth Wallace vs. Brandon Derek Sizemore (protection order)
Harley L. Whitmore Humvee vs. Martin Andrew Humvee (Divorced)
Andrew Scott Zanotti vs. Andrea Renea Zanotti (divorced)
Cory Aaron Bowling vs. Roxy Ann Bridgeman Bowling (divorce)
Darline Marie Garrison vs. Denny Ray Garrison (divorce)
Jeremy Blake Rutledge vs. Susie Kay Rutledge (divorce)
Dwayne Edward Hart vs. Jennifer Lee Hart (Divorced)

circuit court
Gregory L. Callahan and Adam Garbacik vs. Alfred Callahan and Roger McVay (damage)

real estate transfer
The following real estate transactions were recorded in the past week at the Carter County Registrar’s Office.
From Mark Allen Gouge to Jacob Tyler Gouge. 17, Quit claim
To Diana L. Maxwell et al., Heather Angelica Burns of Disto. 11, $162,000
Karen K. Stout Dugger, Karen K. Stout Dugger’s Personal Contact, Dist. 6, Quit claim
Michael Kent Fletcher, Cicero Ave. LLC Personal Representative, Dist. 15, $60,000
Lella LaVerne Criswell et al., Brian Matthew Criswell, District. 15, Quit claim
From David M. Hart et al Rebecca Blankenstein, Dist. 13, $135,000
From Jerry Hitechew to Jeff Chambers. 15, Quit claim
Bill R. Moore et ux to Gay G. Buschoff Trust, Dist. 1, $225,000
Highlands Property Group LLC to Housers Renovation & Design LLC, Dist. 5, $117,500
Linda Blevins et al to Linda Blevins et vir, Dist. 2, Quit Claims
Grant B. Williams to Nathan C. Billings et ux, Dist. 14, $30,000
Terry Whitehead to Craig A. Smith et ux, Dist. 9, $289,000
Melissa Moreland, Personal Contact for Misty Michelle Count in the District. 15, $180,000
From Laura Mae Johnson et al. to Claudie C. Roberson, Dist. 2, $395,000
From Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. 3, do not consider
Author of J. Buzz Flye, Jr. Trustee of Arthur J. Buzz Flye, Jr., Dist. 14, Quit claim
Bernard Brooker, Trustee of Robert Barrow, District. 10, Quit claim
Bernard Brooker, Trustee of Robert Barrow, District. 10, Quit claim
Crystal Tyonne Pizzala Lowe to William Shane Lowe, Dist. 12, Quit Claims
Dewey Lonzo Whaley II et al to Dewey Lonzo Whaley II, Trustee, District. 12. Quit claim
Gregory E. Anderson et al., Anderson Mayfield Properties LLC, Dist. 3, Quit Claims
Billy M. Anderson, Anderson Mayfield Properties LLC, Personal Representative of The District. 8, $120,000
From Mark Forbes to Douglas Hamilton et ux, Dist. 2, $185,000
Erica Merrill to Devin Anders, No District List, $245,000
Hunter Landon Hensley et al, Dist. 17 to Pennymac Loan Services LLC, $178,000
Deborah Scott Butler to Hans Waber et ux, Dist. 6, $400,000
Jackie Todd Ripford, Cynthia Bailey’s personal contact at The District. 15, $250,000
Rob Stout et al. to Jerry Johnson of The District. 2, Quit claim
Michael N. Simerly et ux to Gregg Stucke et ux, Dist. 2, $50,000
Della J. Hensley to Keith Younce, Dist. 6, $65,000
Kim Sheffield to Brandon Boles, Dist. 10, $675,000


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