Chase County Sheriff’s Office Officially Introduces New Sheriff

jacob welsh and aaron hoffman


Chase County Sheriff's Office Officially Introduces New Sheriff

Chase County Sheriff Jacob Welsh congratulates Deputy Sheriff Aaron Hoffman on his recent appointment. Photo courtesy Chase County Sheriff’s Office.

Chase County Law Enforcement is now second in command and has a face that is very familiar with the department.

Recently, it was announced that Aaron Hoffman was appointed as the new Deputy Sheriff for Chase County under Sheriff Jacob Welsh. Hoffman returned to Kansas in 2006 and became a field cop after starting his career in law enforcement as a part-time dispatcher in high school.

The Welsh Sheriff, who took office in September, said Hoffman is a great asset to the county because of his work ethic and familiarity with the area.

Since his appointment, Welsh has said increased interaction with the community has been a key focus for him and the department. , he and Hoffman are working to ensure that it is exactly what the department has to offer.

Welsh says there has been a bit of a learning curve when it comes to arranging land in Chase County. Served as county representative.

Welsh said the department is now “very close” to being fully staffed with five dispatchers and five sworn officers. He hopes to hire at least one more police officer to bring the total to six.


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