Child Health Champions California Safe Schools Celebrate 25th Anniversary and Honor Earth Day Heroes

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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, April 25, 2023 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — California Safe Schools (CSS), founded by Robina Suwol in 1998, is a children’s environmental health and environmental justice nonprofit. CSS has gained national and international attention by spearheading the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Policy of the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) and has been a leader in protecting children’s health and the environment for the past 25 years.

In honor of Earth Day, California Safe Schools honors the outstanding heroes who work every day to protect human health and the environment.

2023 Earth Day Heroes:

Patricia Hill began her career in front of the camera before entering production as the first female photographer. Her credits are countless: Cheers, Frasier, M*A*S*H, The Waltons, Everyone Loves Raymond. Her Patricia has continually used her own skills to help others. She documented an irrigation project by the Gambia River, was a photographer for Ted Danson’s American Ocean Campaign later called Oceana, organized a delegation documenting human rights abuses in Central America, and assisted in lobbying in Washington. Did. She also reviewed animation submissions to the Environmental Media Association.

Qihao Huang is a 12th grade student at Abraham Lincoln High School and volunteers with Chinatown Community Equitable Development, Project Angel Food, Teens Reading Change, Chinatown Teen Council, and YUCA to help the community. Through his work, he became aware of the challenges older people face, including language barriers. Established a for-profit organization to ensure access to support and resources.Qihao also participates in community service events such as the Lincoln Park Cleanup, LA Marathon and Rose Parade.

Stephanie Lewis is a Senior Environmental Scientist at the California Toxic Substances Control Service (DTSC). Her main job is to work with her American tribes, natives of California, to ensure that they are aware of research and restoration projects that are expected to take place on their culturally relevant and sensitive lands. We focus on making As an advocate for introducing young people to her STEM, Stephanie serves on the boards of the Hyde Park Organization Partnership for Empowerment, the California Science Center Foundation MUSES Program, which provides funding for students to attend science classes. increase. She also serves as chair of the Los Angeles Black Professionals Council. Engineer Scholarship Committee.

Adrian Martinez

Based in Los Angeles, Adrian is Deputy Managing Counsel for Earth Justice’s Right to Zero campaign, addressing issues of clean air, clean energy and healthy communities. He also chairs Earthjustice’s transportation group. Adrian currently serves on the San Pedro Bay Port Sustainable Supply Chain Advisory Board, the California Public Utilities Commission, and the Disadvantaged Communities Advisory Board of the California Energy Commission. He co-teaches an environmental justice law class at the University of California, Los Angeles. Adrian has also volunteered on the boards of several non-profit organizations and is a member of the Emmett Institute Advisory Board on Climate Change and the Environment at the School.

Caroline Martinez

Caroline is in first grade and is used to environmental activism. She attended many public hearings with Earth Justice’s father, Adrian Martinez, to advocate for electric buses in Los Angeles.

Chief Ernie P. Teutimez-Salas, Gabrieleno Band of Mission Indians/Kiz Nation

Chief Ernie P. Teutimez – Salas is most recognized and most accurately identified as being a direct direct descendant of the former indigenous peoples of Kizhi/Gabrieleño or (Rancheria), Sivanna Shiva villages, Tameobit villages, Atongai villages/Tammet villages documented and proven. Gabrieleño Indians from Gabrieleño History. Chief Salas is the grandson of Nicholas José, a man of great power, who played a key role in the 1784 Saint Gabriel Rebellion. Chief Thalath has taught the tribe to have self-respect and to be stewards of their culture and way of life, while also protecting and preserving the land for future generations.

Matthew Teutimez

Matthew Teutimez appointed by the Tribe to own and share the ecological knowledge and traditional practices of the Kizi Gabrieleño, taught by Chief Ernie P. Teutimez Salas and the elders of the Kizi Gabrieleño tribe it was done. He served as the tribe’s biologist and resource director, specializing in the ethnobotanical and cultural uses of native flora and fauna. Matthew is founder and founder of the Institute for Indigenous Knowledge Systems (LINKS), a non-profit organization created to integrate and apply indigenous methods and knowledge to environmental management, food, healthcare, and land management projects. Executive he is the director. Matthew is a member of the Tribal Advisory Board of the California Environmental Protection Agency (CalEPA). CALEPA’s Community Science Model Workgroup. Tree Ambassador Program for the City of Los Angeles. Biodiversity Workgroup of Los Angeles Sanitation & Environment.

Gabrieleno Band of Mission Indians/Kiz NationKizh (Kitc, Quiichi)

The people of Willow House and Tule Brush House. For thousands of years, the Kizhi have created a complex and beautiful culture that includes religion, astronomy, a rich and diverse cuisine, economy and complex social structures. In the lands of the Los Angeles Basin and the Southern Channel Islands, the Pheasants have developed ingenious ways to live sustainably from the gift of their Creator. The Kiz tribe is one of her two tribes in California who have mastered ship building and developed a maritime culture by exploiting the resources of the open ocean and coastal estuaries and bays. The lineage of the original people of the Los Angeles Basin still survives today within the Pheasant tribe, whose people continue to protect their cultural heritage, identity, and ancestral lands.

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