CSS Church’s Day School: A Community Oriented Place for All Children

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The Day School at Christ and St. Stephen’s Church, located at 122 West 69th Street in one of the Upper West Side’s prettiest neighborhoods, is an independent, non-denominational kindergarten for children of all faiths and backgrounds. It offers a warm and unique environment designed.

Opened 12 years ago, the day school is located in the historic annexe of Christ and St. Stephen’s Church and has 3 classrooms for 2, 3 and 4 year olds. The primary goal of teachers is to push children beyond traditional learning and provide them with skills that foster dynamic thinking. It’s not just about helping the next generation seamlessly transition to kindergarten. A close-knit family community strives to inspire students to be passionate about lifelong learning.

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Of course, school is not just about reading, writing and math. As such, The Day School works to develop empathetic and thoughtful citizens through a steadfast dedication to social and emotional development. Each year, the curriculum is designed with children’s interests and abilities in mind, working with traditional academics to encourage questioning, problem-solving, and creativity. Confidence is a virtue that is often underestimated, but the team here recognizes its importance. It’s about fostering an environment where young people can openly question, experiment and reflect on the world around them. Ultimately, critical and well-informed thinking is key.

With about 10 children (currently about 30 enrolled) and 5 teachers (plus a visiting teacher of Spanish music) in a class, each student is given the utmost attention. The daily schedule is a combination of structured activities and more flexible times, with group meetings each morning. Special classes, backyard or gym workouts, snack and story time are just a few of the fun daily slots that make up your calendar! It stands out from the crowded New York City kindergarten landscape.

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The inclusive and open nature of the facility allows all backgrounds to be celebrated, not to mention the diverse nature of the city itself. With community service activities and a curriculum that includes social justice and identity, the day school is a true institution of learning for 2023.

Offering rolling admissions (currently open for 2023-2024), the academic year calendar begins in September and ends in early June. Sticking around for the summer? We also have camping! Tuition assistance is also provided. Find out more about The Day School at Christ and Saint Stephen’s Church here.

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