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The new name, Movate, is a combination of “Momentum” and “Innovate.” It represents the company’s philosophy of helping clients achieve superior results quickly and stay ahead of the curve. The name also underscores the company’s passion for solving complex challenges through the most innovative solutions. Movate’s new logo fuses these themes together using vibrant color combinations blended in gradients. Solid colors reflect the company’s unwavering delivery standards and beliefs, while blended colors represent the flexibility of young, passionate employees working across client scenarios and geographies.

Founded 26 years ago, the company is involved in technology, telecom, gaming, media, retail, CPG, and automotive, to name a few. Movate is rooted in its long tradition and has been on a trajectory of high growth and change in recent years. The company consistently achieves 20-30% revenue growth. This reflects a solid business model that leverages digital-infused solutions with an insight-driven approach to drive impeccable customer experiences. It has also emerged as one of the most award-winning and analyst-certified companies in its revenue range.

Commenting on this move Sunil MittalCEO of Movate, Said“We have come a long way in the last few years, transforming into a human-centric technology and experience company. Our business has evolved dramatically to meet changing client needs and industry disruptions. But what was important to us was “an identity that articulates our tremendous transformation. Movate is a visible symbol of change and a flag bearer of our new purpose and ambition.To continue partnering with our global clients in a new culture of diversity, excellence and customer focus. I look forward to

Fueled by Movate’s growth and unwavering commitment to hiring a diverse, industry-leading workforce, the company has doubled its headcount over the past three years. In response to post-pandemic realities, Movate acquired Directly OnDemand, a gig expert services platform, and now he has cultivated a network of thousands of gig experts in 60 countries, speaking over 100 languages. I’m here. These globally integrated capabilities position Movate to add significant value to its global clients as they transform their businesses into intelligent, high-growth enterprises.

Sanjay ChakrabartiManaging Partner, Capital Square Partners, a Singaporea private equity firm with a controlling interest in Moving, SaidMovate has carved out a unique niche in today’s new era of digitally driven customer value propositions. This has fueled the company’s significant growth over the last few years. The new and modernized brand identity reflects his Movate commitment to innovation and passion for enhancing companies with disruptive thinking and results-driven service. ”

Movate’s rebranding is expected to be completed by the end of the year, and a new website,, will also be launched. More information on rebranding can be accessed at:

About Mouvate™

Movate, formerly CSS Corp, is a digital technology and customer experience services company that is disrupting industries with limitless agility, human-centric innovation, and a relentless focus on driving client outcomes. I am working on getting it to work. Ambition by leveraging the diverse talent of more than 11,700 full-time his Movators in 20 locations around the world and a gig network of thousands of technical professionals speaking over 100 languages ​​across 60 countries. We help innovative, growth-oriented companies stay ahead of the curve in a variety of industries. Movate has emerged as one of the most award-winning and analyst-certified companies in its revenue range.


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