CSS Corp rebrands to Movet

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CSS Corp, a digital technology and customer experience (CX) services provider, has rebranded to Movate. According to the company, the new brand identity symbolizes the company’s transformation into a digitally-driven, people-driven organization that helps ambitious, growth-oriented companies achieve superior performance through technology and human ingenuity. doing. Movate’s rebranding is expected to be operational by the end of the year, when it will also unveil its new website.

For Movate CEO Sunil Mittal, the company has come a long way in the last few years, transforming into a human-centric technology and experience company. “Our business has evolved dramatically in line with changing customer needs and industry turmoil, but it was also important to have an identity that articulated our tremendous transformation. We are pleased to introduce a new name and brand identity that reflects our traction and vision for the future.Movate is our visible symbol of change and the flag-bearer of our new purpose and ambition.11,700 Movators looks forward to continuing our partnerships with our global clients with a rejuvenated culture of diversity, excellence and customer focus,” he added.

The new name, Movate, is a combination of “Momentum” and “Innovate” as the company described it. It represents the company’s philosophy of helping clients achieve superior results quickly and stay ahead of the curve. The name also highlights the company’s ability to solve complex challenges through the most innovative solutions. Movate’s new logo blends these themes together using gradient-blended color combinations. Solid colors reflect the company’s unwavering delivery standards and beliefs, while blended colors represent the flexibility of young, passionate employees working across client scenarios and geographies.

Founded 26 years ago, move has established itself as a trusted and trusted provider of digital CX and IT services to some of the world’s largest brands across industries such as technology, telecom, gaming, media, retail and CPG. claims to have created a niche in , and automobiles, to name a few. The company consistently claims he is achieving 20-30% revenue growth. This reflects a solid business model that leverages digital-infused solutions with an insight-driven approach to drive impeccable customer experiences.

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    CSS Corp rebrands to move to show its transformation

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