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Cumberland County Property Transfers

Released at 6:25 pm on Thursday, December 15, 2022

Below is a property transfer recorded in the Cumberland County Circuit Court Clerk’s Office for July. The list includes the grantor, grantee, location of property, and amount of consideration.

• Dale B. Drake to Mary J. Irving. et ux, 5 AC, Madison area. $226,500.

• Joel Watson. et ux to Francis Xavier Leuvano. et ux; 14.258 AC, 1 AC, Hamilton district. $435,000.

• Amelia’s Home Construction, LLC to Matthew G. Williams. et ux, 4.44 AC, Hamilton area. $376,000.

• Phillip J. Arthur to Devon Batterson, 3 AC, Hamilton District. $227,000.

• Clarence H. Rothe to Thomas L. Smith. Elsewhere, 18.5 AC, Madison District. $270,000.

• Luther F. Harris Jr.; et ux to Travis W. Harris Sr.; et al. 2.086 AC, Madison District. $35,000.

• Marion R. Lipscomb Cunningham to Cunningham Family Trust. certificate gift.

• Richard D. Felts; et ux tp Dustin Sears; et ux, Purcell, 1.6 AC, Randolph District. $320,000.

• Victoria Cifers to Charles H. Haigh Jr. Deed Gift.

• From Clifford C. Wolfe to Christine Paul. et ux, 13.86 AC, Randolph district. $309,900.

• Robert P. McQuarrie to Robert P. McQuarrie. certificate gift.

• Stephen Childress to Stephen Childress. certificate gift.

• Watkins Clark Campbell. Send et ux to Watkins Clarke Campbell. certificate gift.

• Charles RB Bristol to Atkins Custom Homes LLC, .293 AC, .344 AC, .344, Lot, Farmville Township. $45,000.

• Clover Hill Construction of Jehovah’s Witnesses to Jeffrey W. Spencer Jr. Tr. et al; Parcel, .647 AC, Randolph District. $160,000.

• Moniz H. Brown to Lorenzo Johnson. et ux, 1.86 AC, Madison area. $160,000.

• Carolyn R. Oates to Suzanne Marie Harris, 41 AC, 1.823, Purcell, Madison District. $86,560.

• Buford M. Latham Jr.; et ux to Tyler Walcott. Elsewhere, 14.75 AC, Hamilton District. $130,000.

• Debra Ertel Nash. et ux to Stephanie Spillman Baldwin. certificate gift.

• Debra Ertel Nash. et ux to Stephanie Spillman Baldwin. certificate gift.

• Ashley Elizabeth Watson to Rachel Marie Daniels, 5 AC, Madison District. $125,000.

• Doris Knowles. Guad to Keisha Knowles-Phelps. Tr et al. certificate gift.

• Shanna L. Sayers. et ux is Aldus Jeffrey Frazier Jr., 2.972 AC, Lot, Madison District. $265,000.

• Jared Turner. Others, Makayla Lewis, Parcel. $238,000.

• Wanda K. McClure. Suc Tr; Archa Ray Liles Jr. et al. et ux, 5.58 AC, 6.59 AC, 6.11 AC, Lot, Madison District. $195,000.

• Weyerhaeuser Company to Douglas F. Bennett. Tr el al, 363.01 AC, Madison District. $790,000.

• Ralph A. Mullins. Others include Southland Double Diamond Farms LLC, Purcell, Madison area. $9,000.


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