Curbing the Impact of Inflation – How to Make Your Customer Experience Efficient

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Gartner, a research and consulting firm, recently reported that hundreds of Customer Support and Service (CSS) Leader Share the strategies they are pursuing to navigate global economic headwinds, including inflation, rising interest rates, tight labor markets and supply chain disruptions. See how your approach aligns with the top 5 support and service he leader tactics.

  1. Improve, automate, or eliminate inefficient processes.
  2. Move volume to digital and self-service.
  3. Create customer value and contribute to the top line.
  4. Influence executives on cost reduction and avoidance.
  5. Evaluate outsourcing options and partnerships.

Impact of these tactics

While these five approaches offer significant benefits to your employees and customers, they can also have potentially detrimental effects. for example, Automate, eliminate inefficient strategies, digitize volume and move to self-service should generate:

  • Improve employee engagement
  • Improved employee retention
  • Save time for your customers
  • Improving customer convenience
  • faster service, and
  • long term cost savings

Unfortunately, The move to automation and self-service It can also lead to unintended consequences such as:

  • workplace chaos
  • dismissal
  • low morale
  • customer confusion
  • An experience that lacks humanization and personalization

Similarly, Management should focus on reducing costs and strengthening outsourcing or partnerships.:

  • maximize efficiency
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Leverage vendor/partner core competencies.
  • Enable your business to scale up or down as the economy and workforce grow or shrink.

However, excessive cost cutting and sub-optimal partnerships can lead to poor third-party integration and can make a company run in vain.

Maximize your efficiency efforts

So how do you lose fat without compromising your customer experience (CX) muscle? Here are some tips.

  • ask and observe customers – Through first-hand research and observation; we are able to identify areas where customers feel our business is creating friction or requiring unnecessary customer effort. Use that information to create scalable, efficiency-focused solutions.
  • ask team members – Ask team members for their input on where automation can free them from distracting tasks and engage in value-creating activities.
  • Explore partners and solutions – The cheapest partner or software solution is not always the best choice. Cultural fit and interoperability are essential to branding your partners and minimizing business disruption from technology tools.
  • test and learn – Whenever possible, automate beta testing and conduct trials that direct customers to digital self-service options. Evaluate usage and gather subjective feedback from users of the new technology. Don’t assume your technology is superior. Listen and optimize!

You don’t have to be a theoretical physicist to understand the challenges of process rationalization and simplification. But he, one of the most influential physicists, joined the topic. According to Albert Einstein:

“Any fool can make things bigger and more complicated… It takes a little genius and a lot of courage to go in the opposite direction.”

May you have the genius and courage needed to weather the economic headwinds by driving human-centered efficiency!

Written by Joseph A. Micheli.
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