Curtain Call Role as ‘Misery’ Not ‘Monster’ to Actor

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Just in time for the dark days of winter, the Curtain Call Theater presents the classic Stephen King thriller “Misery,” set in a snowy cabin deep in the woods. It’s about a crazy woman who tortures her favorite novelist. The show kicks off in Latham on Thursday and runs through Sunday, January 29th.

Clifton Park real estate agent Amanda Dorman plays the ax-wielding nurse Annie Wilkes. “Annie is a monster and what she does is a monster, but she doesn’t want to be a monster. I don’t know how to do it, and then Paul falls into her lap and fantasies play out in her head,” Dorman said.

In fact, best-selling romance novelist Paul Sheldon, played by Kevin Gardner, doesn’t exactly fit in Annie’s lap. She rescues him after he flips his car off the road in a snowstorm. The accident knocked him unconscious and broke several of his legs. Annie uses a crowbar to pry open her car door, drags Paul out and carries him on her shoulders up the icy hills back to the farm.

Physically and mentally, Doman, 46, is well suited for the role. “I’m a solid woman and I feel like I can embody someone who can handle cows and men,” she said. It’s a seemingly ideal combination for such an extreme role. She describes her character of Annie as “a very lonely woman out on the farm by herself with limited interaction with the townspeople”. She wants to find this guy she’s adored from afar and tell him everything and laugh and giggle, but doesn’t know how to make it happen. ”


William Goldman

Based on Stephen King’s novel

When: Doors open at 7:30 PM on Thursdays and run through January 29th.

Where: Curtain Call Theater, 1 Jean Jugan Lane, Latham

Tickets: $30. Call 518-877-7529 or visit

Speaking of Annie’s human side, Dorman said “Misery” is one of Stephen King’s rarer stories, in which the source of evil and mayhem is humans, not supernatural forces or beings. . Annie is a role she’s wanted to play since she first read her novel, released in 1986.

“I recently heard about a play and told my friends in the theater world to be careful,” Dorman said. Original Broadway production starring Laurie Metcalfe and Bruce Willis. It ran 102 performances and closed in February 2016. After a curtain call announced that she had secured the rights to the regional premiere, Dorman read out for her role and showed up both nights of the audition. She used to work for a company as a stage manager.

Avid Stephen King fans will find the play closer to the film than the original. In the novel, everything is told entirely from inside Paul’s head. The film opens things up and gives Annie more substance and perspective. In the stage, such explanatory material must come from the dialogue of the characters.

Also, there is only one set, Annie’s Cabin, and the only other character is the local sheriff, played by Grant Miller. In the film, he is seen in the office and in the field.

The idea to play Annie stuck with Doman for years, but once she was cast, she still did her homework. “I make timelines for everything,” she said. But also, and many people suffer because of it.”


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