Design at its best: Sustainability, inclusivity, user experience, innovation and ethics were at the heart of this design fest held at the Chitkara School.

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What do the head of a global design organization, the fashionista and eco-warrior, the indie design maverick, the innovation agent, the user-experience expert, the intrepid researcher, and the queen of printmaking have in common? How to catalyze change, identify problems and provide solutions in this area.

David Kusuma, president of the World Design Organization, doesn’t chop words when he points out that technology is getting faster and faster and shouldn’t be feared. , has a distinct role in technology to ensure the ethics of design.Technology brings new solutions but also temptations for misuse.Today’s smartphone is tomorrow’s plastic, creating more waste. As a designer, I have to do a better job of finding better and sustainable solutions.” At the Digal Design Festival, he made a sharp statement.

The design industry’s sharpest and brightest have come together to discuss the future of design in India and around the world. “The credo of design is no longer limited to the aesthetic or functional purpose of objects. It is the driving force that will shape the future of our society. , create a collaborative environment that encourages experimentation, innovation and creativity.”

In “New Age Design: India’s Impact on the Global Design Landscape,” Kusuma emphasizes the need for India to lead the way in design and how design can be used as a tool for social change, Accenture Azmina Poddar, Song’s MD, emphasized: The need for designers to create sustainable solutions centered around people’s needs, within the debate of ‘putting life-centricity and sustainability at the center of our choices’.

A panel discussion by Ramneek Majithia, Kusuma and Poddar on “Bold Future Designs: Opportunities and Innovations in the Indian Design Environment” will highlight the importance of innovation and the importance of design to create new opportunities in the rapidly evolving Indian design environment. We discussed how we can use

It was Sanyukta Shrestha, an award-winning Nepali-born British fashion designer known worldwide for her sustainable and ethical bridal wear, who caught our attention with her work. Sanyukta was just 17 when her bespoke designs were showcased at Miss World, Miss Asia Pacific and Miss Earth. The “youngest known designer”, Sanyukta rose to fame in her native Nepal in 2005 before moving to her College of Fashion in London. Today. Her boutique has been nominated as the best boutique in the UK. “I was born in a simple middle-class family, my father is a businessman and my mother is a teacher. My love for was always natural,” says Sanyukta. An eco-warrior herself, she is a “green” with a zero-waste approach, slow and transparent supply chain, minimal carbon footprint, and high-end design that proves her simplicity. Also known as the goddess of the wedding world and Greta. Philosophy that “fashion should feel, look and be good”. Her designs pay homage to 1,000-year-old Nepalese craftsmanship and use materials such as apples, nettles, milk, hemp and recycled plastic bottles to create luxurious, sustainable and ethical designs. We are producing “one and only” works made in.

The two-day festival covered many topics, including ‘Design, Technology and Culture: The Future of Indian Design’. There, Sudhir Sharma, Founder and CEO of Indi Design, discussed the need for designers to embrace technology and how Indian culture can be used as a source. design inspiration. His million-dollar advice to students was to view life as a study. experience, you should use it to spend time with people, because that’s where the problems and the solutions are. Design.

First published date: April 28, 2023 10:34 IST


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