Designing Realty Spaces in NCR: Emergence of a new aesthetic and functional language

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Design plays a significant role in real estate spaces. With land becoming scarce, planners and developers face the challenge of balancing function and aesthetics while being cost-effective. This has led to a new design language in NCR that fulfils the needs of the present and future world. The availability of advanced technologies and products also aids the process. As a result, real estate companies in NCR are creating structures that, while being functional, are also aesthetically pleasing.

Moreover, with the growing concern for the environment, real estate companies in NCR are prioritising sustainability in their design language. By incorporating features such as rainwater harvesting, solar panels, and green roofs, these companies are creating a more sustainable future apart from reducing their carbon footprint.

As a result, today’s buildings must possess a heart, be energy-efficient, and sustainable. For example, glass facades look modern and let in natural light, thus reducing the energy demand for illumination. But as glass and light also permit heat, they are manufactured using technologies that enable them to reflect the heat, thus reducing the load on air-conditioning and reducing electric bills.

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In addition to incorporating advanced technology and sustainable design, real estate companies in NCR also recognise the importance of community and social spaces in their buildings. To pursue this endeavour, they are creating common areas that foster a sense of community among residents and promote social interaction. These spaces include shared common areas, rooftop lounges, fitness centres, clubs and shopping spaces. By providing these amenities, real estate companies are creating a more enjoyable living experience for their residents / users and responding to the growing trend of providing shared spaces outside traditional home/office settings. This emphasis on community and social spaces is yet another example of how real estate companies adopt a design language that syncs with the modern world’s changing needs.

Thus, the real estate sector in NCR has undergone significant transformation over the years, responding to contemporary challenges and reimaging itself to incorporate new design elements. The changing design language of realty spaces in NCR follows the evolving needs of the modern world. At the same time, with a focus on functionality, sustainability, and aesthetics, real estate companies are creating structures that look exceptional and meet their buyers’ needs while contributing to a more sustainable and liveable future.

(By Sunny Thakur, Design Consultant, Golden I. Views are personal.)


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