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As more people rely on online resources, from researching products to reading hotel reviews, businesses are increasingly relying on digital marketing to reach their target audience.

While some companies may have the resources to handle marketing strategies and plan execution in-house, many are turning to digital agencies. We provide a full range of digital agency services to organizations and grow their online presence to sell their products and services.

What is a digital agency?

A digital agency must be able to offer customized services that meet the needs of businesses, very similar to brick-and-mortar marketing and advertising, whether in Thailand or anywhere in the world. However, as the name suggests, these services are digital and can include search engine optimization, web design, social media management, content development, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, and more. Each of these services targets a different aspect of the online world and provides a business platform for selling your brand and message.

An effective digital agency assesses a company’s needs, determines the ideal strategy for reaching its target audience, and ideally converts this contact into a sale or other measurable return on investment. You can. The multimedia nature of the online world leaves many digital agencies with multiple overlapping roles, from web design to video production to content marketing. Think custom videos on social media platforms linked to e-commerce sites, blogs, etc.

What Digital Agencies Can Do

Nonetheless, Thai digital agencies such as IBEX Media can leverage a wide range of technologies and platforms to create cohesive marketing plans and campaigns. By understanding the client’s objectives, we can identify which technology or platform is right for them. For example, Facebook explainer videos can help consumer electronics companies target specific demographics to showcase their latest offerings, generating interest that can lead to sales. For a younger audience, a cosmetics company might want to run a campaign with influencers on his Instagram. Other times, a simple email his campaign offering a special promotion with a link to the organization’s website may be the best option.

A benefit of many of these platforms and portals that digital agencies can use for their clients is that most offer comprehensive tracking and statistical analysis tools. provides reports that can be categorized by a variety of variables, from age to marital status to location. In many cases, these results can be accessed in near real time. This not only allows the agency to briefly explain progress to the customer, but also offers suggestions for improving the results that are immediately actionable.

Why use a digital agency

Some organizations may think that creating a social media post or website is easy and they don’t need to hire an outside digital agency for such “simple” tasks. However, if your business is in jeopardy, the involvement of seasoned professionals may be required. Also, digital agencies can provide additional insights.

“Digital” once covered the internet, but technology has brought with it myriad platforms and services, leaving companies to contend with multiple social networks, mobile interfaces, software, mobile applications and now the metaverse. Hmm. To further complicate things, each potential touchpoint has its own audience, interface, strengths and weaknesses that must be identified, analyzed and monitored through updates and policy changes. This requires time and resources that companies prefer to spend on their core business.

Companies may outsource payroll and other functions, knowing that they can benefit from such specialized skills. The same is true for digital agencies. First, companies save time and money by having professionals who can achieve their goals much more efficiently and effectively. Agencies may also have subscriptions to useful tools that companies will have to spend more money on if they want to handle their own digital marketing. Additionally, digital agencies can focus on social media and other online engagements on behalf of their customers. This can be important if responding to comments and maintaining an up-to-date online presence is a major part of your digital marketing strategy.

What should I expect from a digital agency?

IBEX Media, a digital agency in Thailand, is dedicated to providing clients with the highest performance standards and would like to share what is required of a digital agency. Your client may already have branding and messaging in place with a clear vision and goals, but your digital agency needs to be able to translate that into a practical and effective strategy for your online and social media platforms. there is. Also, a digital strategy should not sway from the goals established by the client. Rather, they should be strengthened by focusing directly on the target audience for which they were created.

If lead generation and sales are your company’s primary goals, there may be other intermediate goals, such as brand awareness or communicating a specific message. To fully understand client needs, digital agencies must be open to communicating with clients and keep the conversation going throughout the process. This is important whether your client has an in-house marketing team or not. If the client does, the agency should work seamlessly with what they’re doing, not contradict or double down on promises.

That means agencies have to convince clients to change direction just to fit into standard digital campaign templates. Firms may have similar objectives of getting more customers and making money, but they are not necessarily working in the same way. You want to stand out from the crowd. A digital agency must deliver a strategy and approach tailored to its brand and vision, just for the client in question, and be agile and adaptable to respond to feedback and change.


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