Don’t call it UX design!

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UX design is a growing field that is getting a lot of attention, especially in the digital realm. Brands are realizing that the user experience of their website or app is part of their brand identity and can influence conversions. But is the term “user experience design” appropriate?

Abigail Posner, a Harvard-educated cultural anthropologist, Google executive, and public speaker, is a contributor to the UX Design Foundations, an online UX design course. She takes an anthropological and human-centered approach, reminding us that we need to think about who we are designing for.

Her big tip for successful user experience design? First, stop using the word “user.” Remember, you can learn more from Posner and the rest of her UX Design Foundations experts. Be sure to complete our short 2-minute survey to win a prize for your course.

Abigail Posner, Google Creative Works Director

(Image credit: Future)

Despite working in user experience, Posner doesn’t like the term. instead of the word “user”. His director of Creative Works at Google likes to say “human” unless he’s actually designing products for bots to use. “Language is culture. That’s Anthropology 101,” she says. “When you actually change the language, you can see how important the words are, and I would say that it is the humans who will take advantage of this technology.”


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