Elizabeth Holmes loses bid to stay out of prison

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Holmes is Convicted in January 2022 About deceiving investors about her company Theranos’ blood-testing technology. She then received her next sentence in November. 11 years or more in prison.

Earlier this year, prosecutors said Holmes Booked a one-way flight to Mexico After her conviction of apparently trying to escape.

her lawyer called the allegations “unsubstantiated” She booked a trip with her husband before the verdict in hopes of being found not guilty and able to attend the wedding.

Discussing his trip to Mexico at Monday’s Order, Davila said the booking wasn’t wise but he was happy it wasn’t an escape attempt.

“It is a bold move to book a criminal defendant’s overseas travel plans in anticipation of a complete defense victory, and it is dangerously careless not to cancel those plans immediately after conviction. “It’s an oversight,” Davila said.

“However, after reviewing the defense team’s exchanges at the time and subsequent rectifications, the court accepted Holmes’ contention that while the one-way ticket was unwise, it was not an attempt to flee the country,” Davila said. Told.


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