Elon Musk Bans New York Times and CNN Reporters From Twitter

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Twitter banned or suspended several high-profile journalists Thursday night.

Among the affected users are New York Times Tech reporter Ryan Mack, Washington Post reporter Drew Harwell, CNN correspondent Donny O’Sullivan, Mashable reporter Matt Binder, and freelance journalist Aaron Ruper.

The reasons behind each removal, and the rules violated to lead to these bans and suspensions, remain unknown.

Binder told SFGATE that he was “very critical of Musk, but he never violated Twitter’s stated policies.” “As per Twitter’s new terms, I did not share my location data,” he said. “We also did not share links to ElonJet or other location tracking accounts.”

Ruper told NBC News reporter Ben Collins: He ‘didn’t know’ why he was suspendedThe removal appears to be related to Musk’s recently announced decision to suspend accounts that violate new rules about tracking someone’s real-time location or a private jet.according to Screenshot courtesy of Rupar to Twitter personality Yashar Alihis account was permanently suspended for violating the Twitter Rules.

This week, Musk set an arbitrary policy Apparently, in response to the popular Twitter account @ElonJet tracking Musk’s own private plane, regarding publicly available information about the flight.Twitter’s The official rules were updated Wednesday to reflect Musk’s objection to having his jet tracked. He also tweeted about the incident in Los Angeles, saying the car carrying his son XÆA-12 was tracked, and accused @ElonJet of alleged privacy violations. It said it was done “immediately after sharing a screenshot” of the LAPD’s official statement about the incident, which it tweeted last night.

“Accounts disclosing real-time location information will be suspended due to physical security violations,” Musk tweeted on Wednesday. “This includes posting links to sites with real-time location information.” Our commitment to freedom extends to not banning accounts.”

@ElonJet itself was shut down on Wednesday. The creator of that account, his 20-year-old college student Jack Sweeney, was also banned from his Twitter on Wednesday. The Twitter account of Mastodon, a competing social media platform, was also suspended. This was my last tweet about @ElonJet. Harwell’s last tweet was about stopping Mastodon.

O’Sullivan, Harwell, and Mac did not immediately respond to SFGATE’s request for comment. Twitter disbanded its public relations team.


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