Elon Musk solves Twitter’s ‘W’ dilemma with a stroke of genius

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Last update: April 10, 2023 14:33 IST

Twitter's San Francisco headquarters.  (Credit: Twitter/@elonmusk)

Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters. (Credit: Twitter/@elonmusk)

The lease on the company’s headquarters required it to keep a sign that said “Twitter,” and the letter “w” could not be removed.

Elon Musk, who needs no introduction, has once again proven himself to be a master problem solver. This time, he came up with an ingenious solution for his Twitter San Francisco headquarters. problem? The landlord of the social media giant legally required me to leave a sign that said “Twitter.” This means that the letter ‘w’ could not be removed. what did Elon do? He simply painted the alphabet the same color as the background. Problem solved! The billionaire tweeted how he tackled the issue. From space travel to electric cars, he’s always pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. But who knew he was also a master of corporate real estate law?

Elon Musk also shared a snapshot, writing: Problem solved! “

For many social media users, painting over the ‘w’ was just a stopgap measure. For them, a more permanent solution would be to move Twitter’s headquarters to another state. For others, this was a perfect example of Elon Musk’s great sense of humor in action. “I have an idea for Elon Musk to move Twitter headquarters out of San Francisco so he can say whatever he wants on the billboard,” one user wrote.

Another user tweeted, “You know how to make Ws disappear.”

“We call the paint on the sign a ‘background color’ like CSS,” read the tweet.

If you’re somehow unfamiliar with the whole “Elon Musk revamping Twitter” thing, you might want to know that removing the “W” didn’t come out of nowhere. CEO has been working on this issue for some time. In his April of last year, Musk proactively shared ideas on how to improve his platform on his microblog. In one such tweet, he conducted a poll asking whether the letter ‘w’ should be removed from the word ‘Twitter.’ A poll found him answering ‘yes’ and ‘of course.’ There were only two options of As a result, the word “titter,” which means “giggle,” has amused his followers. Some suggested that it was time for Elon to delete his account, while others participated by creating a meme. Soon, the term “titter” became his trending topic on Twitter.

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