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Ethan Book provided us with a fun ride.

Whether a stylish man behind the wheel of a stretch limousine or a counterculture orator in the corridors of City Hall and in political debates, Ethan Book was an unforgettable presence for those who knew him well and far. He died Saturday at the age of 74, according to The Sons of New England Limousine Facebook page, Ethan’s company for 35 years.

We are saddened to hear that Ethan Book passed away this morning on January 7, 2023. He made your trip and special moments all the more meaningful with his personality and humor. At this time, he continues to keep New England Limousine.

~ sons Aaron, Andrew and Anthony

Book, a contributor to OIB’s comments section, was a staunch Republican ideologist, contrasting the differences between Republicans and Democrats, as well as taking on local leaders for his own party. He ran for multiple offices, including mayor, council, state representative, and city sheriff.

If Ethan went against politicians, he didn’t settle things with inflammatory insults. Name-calling wasn’t his calling card. His rhetoric may be daunting, but his mantra, as he did in this commentary he wrote for OIB when he ran for mayor in 2019, is his commitment to quirky policies, voting records, and jobs. was focused on the enthusiasm of

Born in Pennsylvania, served in the United States Peace Corps in Colombia, became fluent in Spanish, worked at an international bank, and then as a consultant looking for alternative energy sources. Before he moved to Bridgeport, he was involved in Fairfield politics.

As a Republican, Ethan was ahead of his time calling for judicial reform. He said that so many black and brown men are wasting taxpayer dollars that prisons have become illogical warehouses fueled by misguided government priorities. He also didn’t remind criminals of the past, which can come in handy when there’s nothing else to discuss.


Ethan also hated seeing things hanging on phone lines. Years ago, in his version of the High Wire act, he cleaned up the East Side, saved shoe-throwers from phone wires, and even saved a teddy bear.

bookshoes2Ethan Pauling in shoes.

From his Facebook page:

More sneakers cut from the phone line and teddy bears too!!

The weather was nice again this morning, so I made another outing in Bridgeport to cut sneakers from phone wires!

I was able to get;

One pair on Catherine Street near Hallett Avenue

One on Milne Street near Hallett Avenue

Two on East Washington Avenue across from Washington Park

There are two at the corner of Brooks Street and Berkshire Avenue,

1 Shelton Street and Teddy Bear on the corner of Pembroke

We’re getting to the point where even using a stepladder, an extended tree rim cutter isn’t enough to reach higher hung footwear. I can get more of these eyesores if someone has a pickup truck or vehicle that I can stand on the roof!!

Happy and blessed new year to all

Transportation of Ethan. Do your shoes fit?

And when you hired Ethan, you got Ethan. special event? Call Ethan. wedding? Would you like to call Ethan? A concert in Manhattan? Yeah, call Ethan. He often wore a suit for the cause: a white top hat, a bow tie, and a black tuxedo.

He made you feel special when he picked you up. There was no talk of partisan politics, just fun gifts for Gab, this or that.

Life is just what you do on the way to something else. Ethan Book just turned a new page.



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