execution[cb] Announcing a reimagined user experience for marketers within results-based marketing technology


execution[cb] Announcing a reimagined user experience for marketers within results-based marketing technology

Sarasota, Fla., January 20, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Performed


is a leader across the results-based marketing (OBM) industry and launches a reimagined marketer user experience within its unique customer acquisition platform. Within the interface, marketers can now easily navigate through campaign insights, analyze performance data in real time, and discover countless opportunities for optimization.

Full-featured Perform with rich data, new widgets, and detailed visuals at your fingertips


‘s revamped dashboard aims to help marketers with the capabilities they need to strategically scale customer acquisition. This new interface provides much-needed reporting capabilities such as drill-down reports, detailed click and conversion reports, and dynamic custom reports.With additional campaign insights and transparency, unmatched account support, and easy feature integration, marketers can now directly tie her ROAS to Perform


platform. And all of this is already built into our award-winning technology suite, with select partners His Marketplace and patented anti-fraud features.

“By setting up a rigorous tech stack focused on the client,


apart from the rest. Our unique technology capabilities serve as the engine for marketers to strategically and securely acquire customers at scale. We call this “constant ROAS”. For the future of PCB, our innovative Outcomes Engine development team continues to deliver strategic optimization and data-driven insights that exceed his KPIs for every marketer. ”

“One of the biggest benefits of having an in-house platform is the ability to innovate and build custom features as a result of direct customer feedback. The team has had the opportunity to think outside the box, delivering never-before-seen insights in widgets, visuals, and reports,” said Julie Martin, Vice President of Product Development. “We can’t wait to see how this technology continues to bring optimization and success to marketers’ complex campaigns.”



The proprietary technology platform was launched in 2015 and has since grown into the complex vehicle that powers the company’s Outcome engine. Built on direct feedback from marketers and affiliate partners, 175,000 data points per second are analyzed and used by Perform


technology is an always-on solution for any brand’s KPIs.

About Perform


Award-winning affiliate management agency Perform


is a prominent leader in the results-based marketing industry. Founded as Clickbooth in 2002, Perform


Having experienced exponential organic growth, the company has completed a series of strategic acquisitions, each capable of delivering unique results-based marketing solutions to modern marketers and publisher partners. .



Outcome Engine is the world’s first full-funnel digital customer generation toolkit for advertisers. Completely reinventing how advertisers acquire customers, the Outcome Engine integrates a highly intelligent Customer Acquisition Platform (CAP) with a wide range of expert services and highly selective marketplaces. This solution provides marketers with the strategy, data, and insights they need to make the fastest, most informed decisions about their advertising budgets. By generating ‘always on’ ROAS, this breakthrough methodology backed by patented technology changed the landscape of digital marketing forever.

Brands like Walmart, LendingTree, FanDuel, and Capital One are leveraging Outcomes Engine to grow their customer base and lifetime value at scale. Through Outcome Engine innovation, they have created an environment that puts brand safety and ROAS at the forefront, giving marketers unprecedented transparency and control. Marketers can expect personalized strategy and account support, multiple out-of-the-box features, rich and customizable widgets, and dynamic reporting.



‘s “Think Bigger” vision is a future in which all marketers are empowered to maximize the ROI of their advertising spend by paying only for quality customer outcomes.

For more information, please visit

contact address:

Ami Dewille

Vice President of Marketing

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Image 1: Run[cb] Announcing a reimagined user experience for marketers

execution[cb]The unique customer acquisition platform’s redesigned dashboard interface provides an always-on ROAS solution.

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  • execution[cb] Announcing a reimagined user experience for marketers



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