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In 2046, marine biologist Rebecca Shearer (Sienna Miller) must explain to her 10-year-old son Ezra (Joao Paulo Marheiro) why he has a “summer heart.” Smoky wildfire season.

Ezra had a terrible day at school. After being teased by some older boys, he became upset, overworked his mind, and became bedridden in the nurse’s office. At his home, he reports, “There was a girl at school, and the one with the heart of Summer said he could only live to be 30.” Rebecca looks up in horror and sadness—not because the earth is dying, but because her son is dying.

this is a very powerful moment Extrapolation, a new series about climate change, premieres its first three episodes today on Apple TV+. Scott Z. Barnes, director of the 2006 global warming documentary inconvenient truth wrote the 2011 pandemic movie contagion, the series has established itself as a sober and far-reaching investigation of pressing environmental issues. Over the course of his eight episodes, set between 2037 and his 2070, the show presents both personal and professional demands against the backdrop of fires, floods, and other man-made disasters. It focuses on the mediocre resilience of imposed people. Each episode features famous faces such as Miller, Meryl Streep, Daveed Diggs, David Schwimmer, Edward Norton, Kit Harrington and more.

Celebrity Hall of Fame and environmental themes recall Adam McKay’s stark 2021 comedy don’t look up, another star-studded vehicle featuring Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio as two scientists fighting to warn the world about a comet destined to hit Earth – an allegory of climate change.but Extrapolation is a very different work of art. It’s literal rather than satirical and dramatic rather than comedic.where don’t look up Try to get an audience to take the issue seriously. Extrapolation seems more ambiguous.

as Burns told the New York Times“I don’t think you’re going to move people or change their attitudes unless you first entertain them.” inconvenient truthwho initially believed it would “solve the problem”, has become skeptical of Hollywood’s role in tackling climate change. He said. told the Atlantic“Obviously, the documentary didn’t change how I see life on Earth or how I behave myself.”

As such, Burns seems to have become more concerned with individual behavior. Extrapolation It depicts people indirectly working on climate change. First and foremost, they’re just trying to make ends meet. At times, the characters ruminate on the abstract concept of climate change — in the third episode Alana her Goldblatt (Nesca Rose), a bat mitzvah candidate, tells Rabbi Marshall her Zucker (Diggs) why God is her hometown of Miami.But the most moving moment Extrapolation It comes from watching characters make the most of a deteriorating world. Rebecca tells his son, “By the time you turn 30, someone must have invented a whole new heart just for you.” After Marshall preaches at the Passover service, the camera cuts to the congregation rising from the pews. Everyone wears rain boots and stands in two inches of water.

]To celebrate the 3rd anniversary,Day of calculation for COVID in the US,” These moments are especially unforgettable. In the early stages of the pandemic, parents around the world had to figure out how to explain the turmoil of the world to their young children, who, perhaps for the first time in their lives, had to face death. Religious communities had to find new ways to come together and worship. They had to figure out how to celebrate in the face of their fear.

But these moments are arresting as they are and quickly pass in the tumult of the show’s first three episodes. One of the emotional settings of the second episode stumbles into its own complexity. When Rebecca communicates with the last humpback whale on Earth, the whale speaks to Meryl in her Streep voice. This feels more silly than majestic. By the time the episode explains that Rebecca is using advanced translation technology that can switch between her GPS-like voices, and has chosen to use her late mother’s voice, all the gravitas are. Lost.


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